You are currently viewing List of New NQF Level 5 Qualifications All industries

List of New NQF Level 5 Qualifications All industries

Amazing NQF Level 5 Qualifications from the QCTO. Here is a list of National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 5 job qualifications across all industries.

NQF Level 5 Qualifications Pack Potential for Everyone

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These NQFL5 occupational qualifications were registered by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). NQF level 5 is for advanced-level occupational qualifications. They therefore result in specialist knowledge and skills in a particular trade or occupation.

Brilliant National Qualification Framework (NQF) Level 5

List of NQF Level 5 Full and Part Qualifications: Occupational Certificates

Table 1: A-B NQF Level 5 Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions

Access the Bars Practitioner118867
Adult Literacy Teacher101709
Aircraft Component Maintenance Mechanic104457
Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic103219
Apparel Pattern Designer Assistant115466
Apparel Pattern Maker and Grader115455
Artificial Intelligence Software Developer118792
Blow Moulding Machine Setter110313

Table 2: Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (C-Contd.)

Career Development Information Officer96372
Chemical Manufacturing Technician (Glass Manufacturing)
Chemical Plant Controller111359
Chemist (Surface Coatings Technologist)96367
Child and Youth Care Worker99510
Christian Religious Professional101571
Clearing and Forwarding Agent96368
Close Protector118746
Community Worker (Community Development Practitioner)97691
Computer Technician101408
Conference and Events Organiser102944
Contact Centre Manager99687
Crop Produce Analyst99256
Crystal Healing Practitioner118866
Cyber Security Analyst118986

Table 3: Qualification Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (D-Contd.)

Dairy Unit Manager101570
Data Science Practitioner118708
Dock Master102759
Draughtsperson (Piping Draughtsperson)99575

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Table 4: NQF Level 5 Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (E-Contd.)

Electrical Substation Operations Technician96462
Embalmer’s Assistant117470
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping Practitioner118809
Employee and Pension Fund Benefit Advisor105025
Energy Kinesiology Practitioner118869
Engine Workshop Maintenance Mechanic104461
Equestrian Coach or Instructor Level 1110360
Extrusion Machine Setter110315
Family Law Practitioner119432
Feed Miller103142
Flight Line Operator103220
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Table 5: Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (F-Contd.)

Forestry Technician118209
Fossil Power Plant Operator103261
Garment Pattern Development Assistant115461
Gas Practitioner117233
Geomatics Officer101407
Grain Depot Manager118686
Health and Safety and Quality Practitioner99714
Health Care Benefits Advisor105030
Health Products Information Officer118738
Health Products Marketing Associate118737

Table 6: NQF Level 5 Qualifications and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (H-Contd.)

Health Products Sales Associate118739
Health Products Sales Representative118735
Heart Resonance Practitioner118848
Hydro Power Plant Operator104458
Industrial Water Process Controller102578
Injection Moulding Machine Setter110318
Instrument Mechanician94701
Insurance Agent: Insurance Underwriter91784
Insurance Underwriter117329
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Table 7: Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (J-Contd.)

Labour Inspector118748
Library Assistant94598
Long-Term Insurance Advisor105022
Maintenance Planner101874
Management Accounting Officer112824
Management Assistant101876
Marine Electro-Technical Officer103281
Market Research Analyst119450
Marketing Coordinator118706

Table 8: Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (M-Contd.)

Mechatronics Technician102004
Metaphysics Practitioner118868
Natural Energy Healing Practitioner118806
Nuclear Power Plant Operator103259
Office Administrator102161
Office Administrator (Public Service Administrator)91994
Office Supervisor118740
Pest Management Officer99513

Table 9: Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (P-Contd.)

Pharmacist Assistant (Post Basic) (Parent)112807
Plastics Manufacturing Machine Setter110308
Poultry Farmer99027
Prison Officer (Correctional Officer)98928
Procurement Officer111445
Professional Principal Executive Officer (Retirement Fund Trustee)99574
Project Manager101869
Public Service Administrator118766
Quality Assurer118769

Table 10: Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (Q-Contd.)

Quality Test Automator118789
Radiation Protection Technician110350
Recruitment Manager118251
Reiki Practitioner118846
Religious Associate Professional (Christian Religious Professional)101571
Retail Buyer103145
Retail Chain Store Manager103150
Retirement Fund Trustee118693
Road Transport Manager96371
Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) Developer119242

Table 11: Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (R-Contd.)

Routine Road Maintenance Manager101864
Safety, Health and Quality Practitioner99714
Shipping Agent110934
Small Business Consultant118741
Social Auxiliary Worker98890
Social Counselling Worker111142
Software Developer118707
Software Tester119438
Solar Photovoltaic Service Technician99447
Sugar Processing Controller97590

Table 12: Titles and SAQA IDs for Various Professions (S-Contd.)

Supply Chain Practitioner99111
Survival Equipment Fitter (Parachute Rigger)99701
Tooling Machinist103142
Tourist Information Officer101865
Training and Development Practitioner101321
Transit Protection Driver118747
Travel Professional101372
Valuer (Municipal Property Assessor)99700
Vessel Traffic Service Operator103273
Wind Turbine Service Technician99559

Who Should Consider NQF L5 Occupational Qualifications?

  • Those who have completed NQF L4 qualifications or have equivalent work experience.
  • People who want to become experts in their field.
  • Those who are looking to take on leadership or management roles in their field.
  • Individuals who want to advance their careers and take on higher-level responsibilities.
  • People who want to apply for NQF L6 qualifications in the future.

NQF Level 5 Occupational Certificates

More Jobs with NQF Level 5 Qualifications

People want to hire those with higher qualifications. If you invest in yourself it will pay off if you have made strategic choices. When you choose a popular qualification you will compete for more jobs but against more people. So make strategic choices. Contact me for help!

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Occupational Certificates are for Specific Jobs

Occupational Certificates qualify you for specific jobs and can help you progress in your chosen career. Below are posts listing job qualifications at different NQF Levels.:

Find credible providers of NQF L5 qualifications

The DHET is constantly investigating complaints about unregistered or bogus colleges. Training providers can lose their registration status for a variety of reasons so the public needs to check their credentials.

  1. Research the provider thoroughly, including checking the provider’s accreditation status with the QCTO.
  2. Look for reviews and feedback from current and past students.
  3. The provider must be registered with a relevant regulatory body, for example, a SETA, the QCTO or the CHE.
  4. Ask about the admission requirements, fees, and duration of the qualification.
  5. Consider the practical and financial implications of pursuing the qualification.

Note that the availability of NQF L5 qualifications may vary. This is because it depends on your location and the training providers in your area. The QCTO regularly updates its list of accredited qualifications. So it is best to check the QCTO’s website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

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Beware of Bogus Colleges offering NQF Level 5 Qualifications

To ensure that you don’t register with bogus colleges and institutions, do the following:

  1. Check the accreditation status of the college or institution offering the NQF L5 qualification. The QCTO website lists all accredited colleges and institutions.
  2. Research the reputation of the college or institution by reading online reviews and speaking to current or past students.
  3. Ensure that the college or institution has a physical address and is easily accessible.
  4. Check if the college or institution is registered with the relevant regulatory bodies. For example, the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).
  5. Ask for a detailed prospectus and course outline to ensure that the qualification meets your needs and expectations.

Pursuing NQFL5 Qualifications Safely

NQF L5 qualifications are aimed at individuals with a good understanding of their chosen field and are looking to take on leadership or management roles. Others may want to start their own business or become self-employed. These qualifications will develop your skills and knowledge to a professional level.

Take the time to carefully research and select a provider to ensure that the NQF L5 qualification is recognized and meets your career goals. The QCTO’s website and other resources, such as industry associations and professional bodies, can be valuable sources of information when selecting a provider. By following these steps, you can minimize the risk of enrolling in a bogus college or institution and ensure that you are receiving high-quality education and training.

FAQ: NQF Level 5 Job Qualifications

1. What are NQF Level 5 job (occupational) qualifications?

To summarise, NQF Level 5 qualifications refer to advanced-level qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) at Level 5. These qualifications are designed to provide you with specialized knowledge and skills in a specific trade or occupation.

2. Who registers NQF Level 5 occupational qualifications?

The NQF Level 5 job qualifications are registered by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). The QCTO therefore ensures that these qualifications meet the required standards and align with the needs of industries and employers.

3. What does it mean for a qualification to be at NQF Level 5?

Being at NQF Level 5 indicates that the qualification is at an advanced level of learning. It therefore implies that those who hold these qualifications have acquired a higher level of expertise and competence in their respective trades or occupations.

4. Which industries offer NQF Level 5 occupational qualifications?

NQF Level 5 job qualifications are available across various industries. Some examples include engineering, healthcare, information technology, business management, finance, hospitality, education, and creative arts. These qualifications cater to the specific skills and knowledge required within each industry.

5, What are the benefits of obtaining an NQF Level 5 job qualification?

Obtaining an NQF Level 5 job qualification can bring many benefits. It improves your employability and career prospects by demonstrating specialized skills and knowledge in your field. It can also lead to opportunities for career advancement, increased earning potential, and professional recognition within your industry.

6. How long does it take to complete an NQF Level 5 occupational qualification?

The duration of NQF Level 5 job qualifications varies depending on the specific qualification and the mode of study. Some qualifications may be completed on a full-time basis within one to three years, while others may be undertaken part-time or through distance learning, which can extend the duration.

7. What are the entry requirements for NQF Level 5 job qualifications?

Entry requirements for NQF Level 5 job qualifications can differ depending on the specific qualification and provider. Generally, applicants are required to have a certain level of education or prior experience in the relevant field. It is recommended to check with the specific institution or training provider for their entry requirements.

8. Are NQF Level 5 occupational qualifications recognized internationally?

The recognition of NQF Level 5 job qualifications outside of South Africa can vary. While the NQF framework provides a structured system for organizing qualifications, international recognition depends on factors such as the industry, country-specific requirements, and the evaluation of equivalency by relevant authorities or institutions.

9. Can NQF Level 5occupational qualifications be used for further studies?

Yes, NQF Level 5 job qualifications can serve as a foundation for further studies. These qualifications can provide a pathway to pursue higher-level qualifications For example NQF Level 6 or 7 qualifications, diplomas, or degrees in a chosen field.

10. How can I find NQF Level 5 job qualifications?

You can find NQF Level 5 job qualifications by exploring SAQA, the QCTO, or the different SETAs. Additionally, the QCTO’s website may provide information on registered qualifications at this level. It is best to conduct thorough research and consult with relevant institutions to find the most suitable qualifications for your career goals.

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