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How to Apply for Government Jobs: Form Z83

How to apply for government jobs in South Africa. This post gives detailed information about salary perks and how to complete form Z83 for a cushy Government Job. Let’s not mess around, set your sights on government jobs with this job search strategy!

Make it Your Mission: Pursue Government Jobs

Apply for government jobs to avoid falling victim to inequality in South Africa.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Want A Government Job

10. Stability in Uncertain Times: Low Pay and Unemployment

Government jobs in South Africa come with job security. This is especially important during times of economic uncertainty. While private sector jobs can be unpredictable, government positions offer a stable income you can rely on. Make your Mamma proud!

9. Competitive Salaries: Avoid Brutal Unfair Pay

Government jobs typically provide competitive salaries and benefits. Therefore these salaries help you maintain a decent standard of living and can even help bridge the income gap that exists in the country.

8. Contributing to Equality: Get Your Share of the Gravy

By working for the government, you play a vital role in reducing income inequality. Since government initiatives focus on providing equal opportunities in education, healthcare, and social services, you can help level the playing field for all South Africans.

7. Career Advancement: Aspire or Sit on Your Ass Like the Human Rights Commission

Inequality remains the same with Black women still earning less and employers who ruthlessly destroy human rights.

Government departments often offer opportunities for career growth and skill development. You can climb the career ladder through promotions and training, consequently ensuring a brighter future for yourself and your family.

6. Making a Difference: Government Jobs

Government jobs allow you to make a tangible impact on your community and country. As a result, you’ll have a hand in policies and programs that improve the lives of ordinary South Africans, contributing to a fairer and more prosperous nation.

government job pay raise

5. Generous Leave and Benefits: Time To Eat The Gravy

Government positions often come with generous leave policies and benefits. For example, medical aid and pension plans, thereby ensuring your well-being and that of your loved ones.

4. Training and Development for Government jobs

Many government departments invest in training and development programs. They help you acquire new skills and stay up-to-date in your field. This not only benefits you but also enhances the quality of services provided to citizens.

3. Diverse Career Opportunities: Don’t Be Fussy About Government Jobs

Government jobs span various sectors, from healthcare and education to public administration and law enforcement. Therefore you should find a position that aligns with your interests and expertise.

2. Steady Work-Life Balance: Government Jobs Rule

Government jobs often promote a healthy work-life balance, allowing you to enjoy your personal life while fulfilling your professional responsibilities.

1. Job Satisfaction: Government Jobs Of Course

The sense of job satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re contributing to the betterment of your country is unmatched. As a result, government jobs offer a unique opportunity to serve your community and nation with pride.

As you can see, applying for and competing strongly for government jobs in South Africa is totally worth it. Therefore make it your career strategy to get into government within the next 5 years.

If you’re an idealist (seek help), this is not just about securing employment. It’s about shaping a brighter, more equal future for the nation while enjoying personal benefits and stability. So, set your sights on these opportunities, because government jobs are a win-win for both you and if you’re a champion, your country.

I’m In!: Where Are Government Job Vacancies Posted?

1. Find Government Jobs: The Job Search Strategy

  1. Top Priority: The Department of Public and Administration website lists advertised posts in all government departments and provincial governments. So they must be at the heart of your ‘5 Years: Land A Government Job’ strategy.
  2. Select Department Strategy: Visit the websites of the specific government departments you are interested in and then familiarise yourself with their goals and objectives.
  3. Broad Strategy (Get Your Foot In): Apply for any job that you can do, regardless of the department it is for. Once you are in government, it will be easier to move to another department.

2. Find Government Job Adverts: National Government Department Websites List

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What are the Government Salary Levels?: Are they any good?

Government pay is good! Civil servants often enjoy far more financial benefits than the majority of workers in the private sector. The government provides medical cover, housing, transport, and more expenses.

Government Jobs Salary Levels

Government salary levels in South Africa are categorized according to job levels. DPSA approves government salary levels and notches in the public sector. Click this link to view all published salary information on the Department of Public and Administration website.

Government Jobs Salary Adjustments

The Salary Adjustment Table provides a detailed breakdown of how monthly compensation for public service employees in South Africa can change based on factors such as cost-of-living adjustments, housing allowances, medical subsidies, and other unspecified adjustments. The table is organized by salary level, and the final columns provide the total potential gains and percentage changes in compensation.

What is Form Z83 for Government Jobs?

Fprm Z83 Is the Application for Employment Form for all South African government Departments, both National and Provincial.

Applications for all government vacancies must be submitted on form Z83. Obtain your copy from any Public Service Department or at this link. The completed and signed form Z83 should be accompanied by your recently updated, comprehensive CV. Also attach recently certified copies of all qualification(s) and ID documents [Driver’s license where applicable].

A Snapshot of Government Job Application Form Z83

1. Purpose of Form Z83:

Form Z83 is an official employment application form for job applicants applying for positions within government departments or public service entities. It gathers essential information from applicants to aid in the selection process.

2. Sections of Form Z83:

Form Z83 sections cover personal information, language proficiency, qualifications, work experience, and references. The form also includes a declaration where applicants affirm the accuracy of the information provided.

3. Importance of Accuracy:

You must complete Form Z83 accurately and truthfully. This is because any false information provided on the form can lead to disqualification from the application process or if appointed, potential dismissal.

4. Use of the Form:

Government departments and public service entities use Form Z83 to standardize the application process for advertised job positions. It therefore helps them efficiently collect and evaluate applicant information.

5. Attachment of CV:

While Form Z83 collects basic information, applicants are often required to attach a CV or resume along with the form. Therefore the CV provides more detailed information about an applicant’s qualifications, work history, and skills.

6. Submission:

Applicants typically submit the completed Form Z83, along with any required attachments, as part of their application for a specific job opening. Submission methods and deadlines are usually provided in the job advertisement.

7. Confidentiality:

The information provided on Form Z83 is generally treated with strict confidentiality and is used solely for employment-related purposes, in compliance with applicable laws.

Since regulations and forms can change over time, it’s advisable to always check with the specific government department or organization advertising the job position for the most current version of Form Z83. Also, check for any updated guidelines or requirements. Always follow the instructions provided in the job advertisement when applying.

The Contents of Page 1 of Form Z83


  • To assist a government department in selecting a person for an advertised post.
  • This form may be used to identify candidates to be interviewed. All applicants cannot be interviewed, so it’s important to fill in the form completely, accurately, and legibly to help process your application fairly.


  • Only persons wishing to apply for an advertised position in a government department.


  • This form gathers basic information, and candidates selected for interviews may be asked for additional certified information as required for the final selection.


  1. All information will be treated with strict confidentiality. It is only used for assessing the suitability of the applicant.
  2. Personal details must match those in your ID or passport (passport number for non-South Africans).
  3. Race and gender information is required for compliance with the Employment Equity Act, 1998.
  4. Information about criminal convictions or dismissals will only be considered if it directly relates to the position’s requirements.
  5. Applicants with substantial qualifications or work experience must attach a CV.


  1. Position for which you are applying (as advertised): Fill in the job title as per the vacancy advert. Do not change or shorten the job title.
  2. Department where the position was advertised: Precisely write the government department advertising the vacancy. For example Basic Education
  3. Reference number (as stated in the advert): Each government vacancy has a reference number that should be filled in the Z83 form.
  4. If you are offered the position, when can you start OR how much notice must you serve with your current employer? Add the date or state ‘Immediately.’


  1. Surname
  2. First Names
  3. Date of Birth: Write your date of birth starting with the day, followed by the month and lastly the year.
  4. ID number
  5. Race (African, White, Coloured, Indian)
  6. Gender (Female, Male)
  7. Do you have a disability? (Yes, No)
  8. Are you a South African Citizen? (Yes, No)
    • If no, what is your Nationality?
    • Do you have a valid work Permit?
  9. Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence or been dismissed from employment? (Yes, No)
    • If yes, details may be required.
  10. If your profession or occupation requires State or official registration, provide the date and particulars of registration.


Include your correct contact details on form Z83. You can add two phone numbers if you like. Being contacted by phone is it is faster and more direct than other forms of communication.

  1. Preferred language for correspondence: Write one language as your preferred language.
  2. Telephone number during office hours
  3. Preferred method for correspondence (Post, E-mail, Fax)

Page 2 of Form Z83

This section of the form is crucial for providing detailed information about language proficiency, educational qualifications, work experience, and references. It’s essential to be accurate and truthful in completing this section as it helps the government department assess your qualifications and suitability for the advertised position.

D. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY – state ‘good,’ ‘fair,’ or ‘poor’

  • Languages (specified)
    • Speak
    • Read
    • Write

E. QUALIFICATIONS (please ignore if you have attached a CV with these details)

Begin with the highest qualification to get the attention of the recruiters. The form also suggests that you fill from the highest to the lowest.

  • Name of School / Technical College
  • Highest qualification obtained
  • Year Obtained

Tertiary education (complete for each qualification you obtained)

Current study (institution and qualification)

F. WORK EXPERIENCE (please ignore if you have attached a CV with these details)

  • From (MM YY)
  • To (MM YY)
  • Employer (including current employer)
  • Post held
  • Reason for Leaving

If you were previously employed in the Public Service, indicate whether any condition exists that prevents your re-employment

  • YES
  • NO
    • If yes, provide the name of the previous employing department

G. REFERENCES (please ignore if you have attached a CV with these details)

References are important in your job search. The Z83 form allows you to fill in up to three references. Fill in all three.

  • Name
  • Relationship to you
  • Tel. No. (office hours)

Government Jobs Z83 DECLARATION

Your application should be signed and the date should also be filled. Initialise on the bottom right of the form.

  • Job applicants are required to declare that all the information provided (including any attachments) is complete and correct to the best of their knowledge. False information could lead to their application being disqualified or their discharge if they are appointed.
  • The applicant should also sign and date the declaration.

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