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Are you sure you want to apply for the Foschini ClubX Magazine Bursary? Well okay.

The Foschini ClubX Magazine Bursary: Not Much Money

foschini club x bursary

TFG provides bursaries to the subscribers of TFG Club, the monthly ‘The Foschini Group’ (TFG) magazine. It provides the latest flaky trends in fashion and beauty. It also flips through health and relationship issues, financial matters, and parenting.

The Foschini Group ClubX Magazine Bursary Awards: Not Inclusive

So this bursary is strictly for those who already subscribe to Foschini. :(

TFG Club subscribers can apply for R2 000 000 worth of bursaries annually

Note that the Club Magazine Bursary Programme only provides financial assistance to students at Damelin Correspondence, Damelin College, Central Technical College, Intec College, City Varsity, and ICESA. Furthermore, successful applicants can only use the Bursary to pay for their tuition. Try other bursaries, don’t give up hope just because this one is so lame and limited.

Applying for The Foschini ClubX Magazine Bursary

bursary application letter

How To Apply And Application Details for Retail Careers

Subscribers must complete The Foschini Group (TFG) bursary application form. Fill in the form inside the magazine then send it to and to the Club’s Administration department. 

Closing Date for Foschini ClubX Bursary

None. Bursary applications can be submitted throughout the year because this bursary does not have an appointed time of closing date.

Contact Details Of The Bursar

Post: TFG Club, PO Box 6020 Parow East 7501

For more information, visit:

retail application cover letter and cv

It’s that easy!

Foschini ClubX Bursary terms and conditions 

To be considered for the Club Magazine Bursary, applicants must meet all of the following requirements.

  • Only South African citizens are eligible to apply.
  • Either you or one of your immediate family members should be a Club Magazine subscriber.
  • Applicants or a member of their immediate family who has paid for their Club Magazine subscriptions on time.
  • Candidates or one of their immediate family members who have a current Foschini Group subscription.
  • Participants must be enrolled in a South African university or school.
  • Bursaries not previously received from Cub Magazine within the past 36 months.

Note that your application will not be considered if you fail to meet these eligibility criteria:

To redeem the Club Magazine Bursary Programme, students must attend one of the following tertiary institutions:

  • Damelin Correspondence College
  • Damelin College
  • Central Technical College
  • Intec College
  • City Varsity
  • ICESA.

The Foschini ClubX Bursary Motivation Letter Example

Bursary Motivational Letter for First-year Students

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, Postal Code]
[Email Address]
[Contact Number]

Club’s Administration Department
The Foschini ClubX Bursary
[Club’s Address]

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing to express my sincere interest in applying for The Foschini ClubX Bursary, as advertised in the Club magazine. As an avid subscriber to the Club magazine, I have been actively involved in its community. I also appreciate the valuable insights and opportunities it provides to its members.

I am particularly excited about the prospect of receiving a bursary valued at R15,000, as it aligns perfectly with my aspirations for further education. The financial support offered by the scholarship would greatly contribute to my pursuit of academic excellence, and I am eager to become one of the fortunate recipients.

I have carefully reviewed and met the qualifying criteria outlined for the bursary. I am confident in my suitability for the scholarship and am ready to demonstrate my commitment to academic excellence.

Allow me to elaborate on my alignment with the specified criteria:

ai training bursaries scholarship

[Use What You Like From This List]

  1. Program Offerings: I have selected [name of the program] at [Name of EDUCOR institution] as it aligns with my educational and career goals.
  2. EDUCOR Terms and Conditions: I understand and am willing to comply with the terms and conditions of EDUCOR, including the entry requirements for the chosen program.
  3. Foschini Group Accounts: My Foschini Group account is up to date, and I meet the financial obligations necessary to qualify for the scholarship.
  4. Commencement Timeline: I am committed to beginning the selected program within the stipulated 6 months of being awarded the scholarship.
  5. Non-Transferable Prize: I understand and accept that the scholarship cannot be transferred or exchanged for its cash value.
  6. Up-to-Date Membership: My subscription to Foschini Club is current, and I am in good standing as a member.
  7. Application Process: I have diligently filled in the application form and am submitting it to the Club’s Administration department as instructed.
  8. TFG Account Standing: My TFG account is not in arrears, ensuring my eligibility for the bursary.
  9. Bursary History: I have not received a bursary from TFG Club within the past 36 months, adhering to the stipulated criteria.
  10. Immediate Family Applicants: As per the guidelines, I am aware that immediate family members, including my [relationship], may also apply for the bursary.

I am confident that my academic achievements, dedication to personal development, and alignment with the specified criteria make me a suitable candidate for The Foschini ClubX Bursary. Furthermore, I am committed to making the most of this opportunity and contributing positively to the ClubX community.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of being a recipient of this prestigious bursary.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Full Name]

bursary application letter scholarship letter

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The Foschini ClubX Bursary Motivation: How to Apply Now