Our collection of articles will guide you through the process, with tips and tricks to help you articulate your motivation in just 50 words. 

Writing 50 Word Persuasive Statements

Discover how to craft a compelling pitch that showcases your passion and qualifications. 

Explain why you’re the perfect fit in 50 words.

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Articles to help you explain yourself quickly.

Here are our top two articles containing exceptional 50 word phrases that you can use and adapt:

  1. Use 50 words to motivate why you want an opportunity:  impress the selection panel with these sentences that you can adapt to suit the purpose. 

This post covers how to:

  • Use 50 Words to Turn Disabilities into Talented Abilities
  • Use 50 Words to Explain a Criminal Record and Time Done!
  • Use 50 Words to Explain Being Unemployed for 5 Years

2. Explain Why in 50 Words

Why Are You Applying? Explain in 50 words

Find your way, thrive!