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Answers to Life, Learning and Happiness from a Youth

The challenge of fighting for victory as a student and young adult is usually a complicated, difficult process. Students are often exposed to people and ideas that can change them forever. Many students, like Tenele, don’t study what they should when they first enroll. ‘…whatever you decide to study, have passion for it. Because when it gets tough, your love for the qualification helps you push yourself.’

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Tenele’s Story: My Rough Journey Up the NQF

Written by Tenele Ncube, this is a story about how a girl get’s gutsy and deals with loss, overwhelming life and bitter sweet success. ‘The goal was to just get any tertiary qualification. It didn’t matter that I had deviated from my initial dreams due to circumstances. Things at home were unbearable to say the least, we lived under strict conditions and we weren’t allowed to leave the house.”

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