Share your story

Send your Life Lessons to Keep Climbing so that we can learn from them too.

We also collect employment contracts to see what stories they tell! Send us your story or your contract so that we can find ways to make a difference together.

Many are excluded from the information we often take for granted. We learn from family members, friends and in different informal and formal ways. Some lessons have probably stood out for you, now’s your chance to share them! Let that knowledge move someone else in the same way it moved you.

What and where did you study or what did you do to qualify? Please share your story, some tips and suggestions for others.

We learn from each other; often connecting purposefully, casually and accidentally.

Contribute your story and who knows whose life you could end up impacting and changing forever!

Schools teach curriculum but as a society, we teach each other life!

Are you a worker or a learner?


Keep Climbing studies contracts to look for best and worst practices. Information is confidential, we never place individuals at risk when their actions help us learn what the trends are.

Send us your Story or your employment or learnership contracts, old or recent.

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