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Prepare for your interview by being ready to ask and answer questions about pay. Even experienced people talk about the huge amount of work they do to prepare for a job interview.

The less you know about the position, pay and employer, the less muscle you have during wage negotiations.

How to Find What Companies Pay

Researching industry pay  trends and what a potential employer is likely to pay is a requirement for each interview you attend. This research will show you how much to expect and how much pay you can ask for.

Are you currently employed?

Compare your wages to others in the industry using My Wage

Never been employed?

If you attend an interview without the correct research informing your answers and questions, you will definitely be taken advantage of. Employers are not charity workers, most want to hire the best for less. If you don’t prepare yourself, you’ll be someone’s li’l bitch for sure!

Search job titles and companies for wage information on these two killer sites

1. Glassdoor

2. PayScale

Each year Career Junction publishes pay trends and analysis.

You’re not serious about job hunting till you’ve been on their website.

If you’ve been employed, add your information to these sites. The more people upload details, the more power we have.

The first step to negotiating pay

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