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How To Resolve Learnership Disputes Effectively. Numerous Learners refer to poor treatment by training providers and/or employers. It has become clear that many Learners feel disempowered, abused and exploited.

Learnership Contracts and Agreements

A Learner is required to sign an employment contract for the duration of a Learnership. A Learner is thus considered an employee and is protected by the same legislation that protects permanent employees. Although Learnerships are registered with SETAs, their authority is undermined by their absence in this tri-agreement.

learnership complaint letter

Learners sign agreements with training providers who must be accredited by the QCTO and a SETA. SETA monitoring is typically limited to an accreditation site visit and the occasional follow-up at external verification (moderation).

Dealing with Learnership Disputes

The following information is sourced from the Department of Labour website, click on various links provided and you’ll be directed here.

Basic Guide to Learnership Disputes 

Learners, employers or training providers can declare a dispute about the learnership with the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

Reasons for Learnership Disputes

Legislation in Section 19, of the Skills Development Act says that:

Disputes can be about –

school leaver career guidance

Chapter 4 : Learnership Disputes: Section 19

Learners may refer the problem to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration established by section 112 of the Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995). If Learners do this, they must also inform their employer of the problem and the action they will be taking. However, if you are uncomfortable and afraid of this, go to the CCMA anyway and they will inform your employer officially.

The CCMA will try to resolve the issue in a friendly manner and will patiently listen to both sides. Our legislation places equal rights ad responsibilities on learners (employees) and employers to do the right thing.

Sectoral Determination 5: Learnership Disputes

This sectoral determination establishes conditions of employment and rates of allowances for learners in South Africa. It stipulates that employers give learner workers details of their employment in writing.


what is a learnership

Information Learners are Entitled To

According to the legislation, the following details must be given to Learners in writing, at the beginning of the program:

Employer’s and Learner’s Details

  • Employer’s full name
  • The employer’s address
  • Learner’s name and
  • The Learnership

Employment Details

  • Place/s of work
  • Date of employment
  • Working hours and days of work
  • The hours for study training sessions
  • The date when a learner’s employment will end.

Payment Details: Learnership Disputes

  • Pay or the rate and method of calculating pay
  • Rate for overtime
  • Any other cash payments
  • Any payments in kind and their value
  • Frequency of payment
  • Any deductions.
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Notice/Contract Period

  • Period of notice required, or
  • Period of contract

Learnership Disputes: The Employment contract must be –

  • in writing and be signed by the employer and the learner;
  • concluded when the learner commences employment;
  • supplied with a copy of the contract of employment;
  • updated if any of the details change;
  • kept by the employer for a period of three years after the termination of the learnership.

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  1. lidz

    is a company allowed to fine the learner a penalty or to penalize the learner on top of the deducted daily amount of payment for the no reason absence?

    if you sent a pay query and they don’t want to pay all of the amount they owing you as learner what can you do about that?

  2. moloto

    learnership unfairly treatment is a problem

  3. Akhona

    Good afternoon

    I would like to find out what is the recourse for a person who had signed a 12 months Learnership Employment Agreement and then was dismissed for misconduct after serving 6 months. It turned out later after his dismissal that the Learnership Programme itself was rejected by HWSETA. The matter had already been referred to CCMA & scheduled for the 22 September 2017.

    Can he still pursue an unfair dismissal dispute at the CCMA

    Kind Regards

  4. gabriel

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How To Resolve Learnership Disputes Correctly Now