You are currently viewing Useful Limpopo Colleges and TVET Bursaries Contact List

Useful Limpopo Colleges and TVET Bursaries Contact List

A comprehensive list of contact information for Limpopo colleges. Use this contact list to access the information you need.

Limpopo Colleges and their Contacts

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges in South Africa provide important opportunities for qualifying for different careers. TVET colleges offer bursaries to deserving students and also offer learnerships and apprenticeships.

List of Limpopo Colleges TVET

limpopo colleges find nearest public tvet college
Limpopo CollegesPostal AddressPhysical AddressTel, Fax no. & Website / Email
Capricorn FET CollegePrivate Bag X9674
Cnr Dort & College Street
015 291 3115/8 (t)
015 297 5448 (f)
Lephalale FET CollegePrivate Bag X210
Cnr Nelson Mandela & Ramatlhodi Street
Onverwacht 0557
014 763 2242 (t)
014 763 2253 (f)
Letaba FET CollegePrivate Bag X4017
No 1 Claude Wheatley Street
015 307 5440 (t)
015 307 2204 (f)
Mopani South East FET CollegePrivate Bag X1024
Cnr Combretium & Harlem
015 781 5725 (t)
015 781 5346 (f)
Sekhukhune FET CollegePrivate Bag X8660
Stand no 676
013 269 0278 (t)
013 269 0450 (f)
Vhembe FET CollegePrivate Bag X2136
203 Sibasa
Unit A
015 516 4773 (t)
015 516 4773 (f)
Waterberg FET CollegePostnet Suit #59
Private Bag X2449
36 Hooge Street
015 491 8581 (t)
015 4918579 (f)
Limpopo Colleges

Limpopo Colleges TVET Bursaries

  • The Department of Higher Education and Training offers bursaries which are available for National Certificate Vocational courses and courses at public TVET Colleges to students who meet the criteria. These bursaries are not loans. The bursaries are administered by the National Student Financial Aid Service (NSFAS).  Other bursaries are also available, which will vary from college to college. Prospective students should enquire at the college at which they plan to enrol as to what bursaries are available for the course that they would like to study.
  • In 2015 approximately 200 000 students at TVET Colleges benefitted from DHET bursaries administered by NSFAS.
  • Department of Higher Education and Training, TVET College bursaries that are administered by the NSFAS, are available but are subject to two important criteria:
  1. The prospective student will be required to undergo a ‘means test’ that will indicate that the student really does need financial assistance. A means test is not an actual test that you must be afraid of – it usually questions your personal situation in order to see if you are someone who must be assisted.
  2. That the student has a good academic performance record.
  • Prospective students who believe that they may meet these criteria should contact their nearest public TVET College.  The college will provide the application forms and oversee the application process.

Bursary Application Letter

Overview of Limpopo Colleges for TVET

  • There are fifty registered and accredited public TVET Colleges in South Africa which operate on more than 264 campuses spread across the rural and urban areas of the country. Public TVET Colleges are established and operated under the authority of the Continuing Education and Training Act 16 of 2006 and report to the Department of Higher Education and Training. Each Province has an office that provides specialised professional support to the public TVET Colleges in that province.
  • Public TVET Colleges are subsidised by the state with approximately R6 billion per year.
  • There are more than 650 000 students in public TVET Colleges.

Modes of Delivery at Limpopo Colleges for TVET

Different colleges may offer qualifications in different ways – this is referred to as a ‘mode of delivery’. Some colleges also offer blended learning (e-learning) facilities for some course content. A number of the larger campuses have Open Learning Centres.  Further information can be given by the college on this aspect when applying or enrolling for course admission.

What are these Qualifications Worth from Limpopo Colleges for TVET?

In an effort to ensure that courses are relevant to the needs of commerce and industry, public colleges go to great lengths to secure linkages and partnerships with key role-players in commerce and industry and with the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). A number of colleges have a management division devoted to this aspect.

 Job Shadowing and Practical Workplace Exposure

Public TVET colleges try as far as possible to facilitate job shadowing and practical workplace opportunities for top-performing students. Many campuses also operate simulated enterprises to augment the need for practical exposure related to the course of study.

International Exchange

In an increasingly globalised labour market, a number of public TVET Colleges have international partnerships with similar institutions in various parts of the world. This ensures that education and training is internationally benchmarked with best practice in diverse international settings

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  1. Leonie Hall

    So great to see you thinking ahead!!! Very good spirit!
    Chat to your school’s guidance teacher and speak to your principal, they can offer counselling to you and other matrics.
    Contact the university and go in and see them during your second term, take your school report with you. Ask their advice.

    Present yourself professionally and show that you are determined to succeed. People love a great attitude and will do their best to assist you.

    Ask for assistance COMPLETING financial aid forms and have them ready for submission later in the year for when you need to apply. I’m saying get help from them completing the forms, they are often difficult to do so let them help you prepare them.

    Let me know!

    Best wishes to you!!!

  2. Ramoncha Thabo

    Your comment goes here.
    I’m in matric this year i need a financial help to further my studies. I don’t have money and I’ll be happy if i get help. I’ll like to study at university of Limpopo to do medicine.

  3. Lawrence

    Your comment goes here
    I really need a financial help to go further with my education

  4. phasha pitsi carol

    hy,I want to know if my NSFAS is paying my fees or not?


    i was doing matric last i want to study but i don’t have money.i need to apply NSFAS for next year.i like to study at motetema campus

  6. Boitshoko

    I really need a financial help to further my education ,i would be Happy if i could get help so i can improve the standard of living at home

  7. Leonie Hall

    Hi Shadrack! Content the NSFS by using the links provided in the post or contact the funders directly. When you write to them you must specify the programme, the campus and the amount or no one will take you seriously and they will ignore your request.Unless you’re already registered, please consider other options and try to find alternative opportunities to further your studies by looking for learnerships, apprenticeships and skills programmes. Best wishes, keep looking, keep climbing – you’ll get there if you keep moving in the right direction.

  8. shadrack

    Your comment goes here.
    I’m shadrack sarila and I need financial assistance from NSFAS to assist me further my studies as I’m living with my granny who’s not working but receives a social grant and unfortunately she can’t afford to pay for me
    I would be glad if my request can be taken to consideration

  9. Baloyi Maria

    Hello am maria I was doing AET level 4 last year 2016 now I want to further m studies but I don’t have money because my parents are not working.I wish waterberg TVET can give me a bursary or NSFAS

  10. mabatho

    I was doing grade 12 last year now I’m looking forward to study but I dont have money so u was asking for help

  11. Tebatso

    i need nsfa i complete mi matric last year I took gap year because I don’t have money n I live with a single parent and she is unemployed

  12. Leonie Hall

    Hi Anna
    Please read my articles on finding learnerships and scholarships. you’ll find plenty of information on the Keep Climbing website. Best of luck Leonie

  13. Annah selaelo matlou

    Your comment goes here.I need nsfas to assist me because I complete my grade 12 last year 2015 and now I am on gap year. I am with my family, we live in poor family and to put food on tableis because of social grant. no one in my came to higher institutions.

  14. sharon

    hi,am a grade 12 learner and i need to apply for NSFAS,so i don’t know if it’s okay to apply online or go straight to the offices which am still looking for?,and another confusing thing is that i applied for couple of institutions so should i attach both the student numbers or must i fill two application forms?hope my questions are not confusing



  16. Leonie Hall

    Hi Manyane
    You are already a step ahead of others as you know who to apply to. So why not apply to the NSFAS? This blog is called ‘Keep Climbing’ because you must take action every day, every minute and hold yourself accountable for failure.

  17. manyane dineo

    I need nsfas to assist me I’m doing grade 12 this yEar I hope my messeg Will be accepted thanks.

  18. lawrence

    i want to know if you offer short course of chemical engineering …right now i am in zimbabwe doing National Certificate Chemical Engineering at Harare polytechnic….wil i get ajob after i finish my National Certificate

  19. juta

    i need nsfas to assist me.I complete my grade 12 last year 2015 but know I took a gap year because l have no money to pay myself fees also no one in my family work.I really need nsfas to help me .

  20. Tebogo

    I need money assistance and im still doing grade 12 at modumaane secondary 20 years old and i want study there next year 2017

  21. Tebogo

    I need money assistance and im coming from a poor still doing grade 12 at modumaane secondary school.i want to study at your instistutin in 20 years old and im placed in the scince and maths literacy stream

  22. Leonie Hall

    Ok…and so? Go onto their website!!! Be a warrior! Get the forms!

  23. boitumelo

    i need Nsfas application forms for mopani sir val duncan college.

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