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When INSETA Top Management Lies Lead to Slavery

How INSETA Top Management Lies Subject Youth to Slavery. INSETA aids and abets fat cat corporates in eroding human rights. INSETA sheltered unlawful labour practices at PSG Wealth.

INSETA Top Management Responds to Allegations Against PSG Wealth Slavery and Fraud

Like many readers, we’re all ordinary citizens trying to do what’s right. We need to stand up for ourselves and support each other using all our means possible.

Sandra Dunn, INSETA CEO made this comment about PSG Wealth corporate behaviors (before she knew they were the perpetrators):

“This practice must be dealt with in the harshest possible way. Unconscionable.

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INSETA Top Management ‘harshest possible’ Recourse?

Never happened! INSETA’s position appeared to change once they knew who the complaint was named. The CEO who had personally dealt with me didn’t even have the guts to inform me herself.

It appears Sandra went soft, abandoning learners and the individual who stood up for himself and expected justice for EVERYONE, not a questionable justice for ONE.

Victim A was part of a group not an isolated case

The complaint submitted to INSETA alluded to a much larger deviance – that potentially ALL employees work for allowances and that ALL current learnership contracts are null and void. According to the INSETA – we have no right to know.

We are left to presume that

  • unlawful labour contracts were continued at PSG
  • INSETA failed to follow protocol thus avoiding and saving PSG Wealth from media attention for human rights infringements.

The victim was part of a group of learners, INSETA acted irresponsibly.

BIFAWU Endorsed Action

Even the union thinks INSETA has lost the plot.

INSETA Top Management house of lies

On 28 February 2017 Sandra Dunn wrote that it was still an incomplete internal process, technically, it appears she says the investigation is not yet completed.

On 14 December I was GATVOL! I went on FB and again had pointed questions for INSETA

“A formal complaint against PSG Wealth regarding learnerships was logged and addressed by INSETA who then proceeded to hide it from the public. This is gross negligence and against the interests of the public. We want proof that INSETA informed Labour, that #PSGWealth was investigated and that proper steps were taken to protect past and current employees.”

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Adeline responded with this:

Dear Leonie Hall, I have taken careful note of your complaint. I have checked internally with the relevant department about the matter. Based on all the information I have received, this matter was resolved in February 2017 according to the documentation in my possession.

Let’s get this straight. On 28 February CEO Sandra wrote that the process was incomplete, yet Adeline states that their records show the case had been CLOSED in February.

INSETA Top Management is Corrupt

Fork it. Who’s lying to who? 

Unite against this culture of oppression and force INSETA to do what’s right for the victims.

Leonie Hall

Leonie Hall, disruptive thinker and dynamic strategist, is an expert in education, development, quality management and innovation. She has spoken at local and international conferences; and currently works as an independent consultant and content developer. Contact Leonie for a consultation.

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