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Are you about to sign a learnership contract?

That’s fabulous but is it fair?

Check out this contract from a learner. We want to recognise Kwikspace Modular and Sanchaa Connection for their deliciously devious definition of payment

Yet another example of skills development weirdness.

During class, learners were told they were on a Project management NQF L4 learnership.

It seems Kwikspace wanted to avoid paying unemployed learners stipends and prevent equitable access to the poor.

They insinuate that their ‘scholarship grant’ of R 2000 per month is converted to a bursary and as such don’t have to pay anything.

Are you confused?

Hmmm…..perhaps I didn’t break it down correctly…. ?

Look, here it is in their own, simple, easy to understand language:??


Subject  to the existing Employer policy, rules and resolutions, which are not less than favourable than the provisions of this Agreement, and not less favorable than the general conditions of employment as contained in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act as well as conditions and minimum wage as per Employee Tax Incentive ACT, the engagement conditions of employment shall be as follows:

9.1 Occupation: Student Employee shall receive a scholarship grant of R2000 per month which is converted to a Bursary which will intern (their error) be a benefit of a qualification to improve the Student Employee chances of further study and employability. ??

If you still don’t get it.

Perhaps we agree.

The contract is

deliciouSLY devious and anti poor

Companies can claim tax rebates and BEE points for rolling out learnerships. SARS, DHET and in this case, the Services SETA, need to ensure that the public is protected and that non compliant delivery is not rewarded at the tax payers cost.

Unemployed youth cannot attend learnerships at their own expense while companies are rewarded with financial and other benefits. This is unfair, unconstitutional treatment.

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