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Kwikspace Modular Weird Project Management Learnership

Check out this strange project management learnership contract from Kwikspace Modular and Sanchaa Connection. 

Are You About to Sign a Kwikspace Modular Learnership Contract?

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Sanchaa Connection and Kwikspace Modular Learnerships

Youth Complain About Kwikspace Modular Learnerships

Learners must have Copies of their Learnership Contracts

Learners need to have a contract with their employers and training providers when they are on a learnership. A contract ensures that all three parties are aware of the terms of the agreement and have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Contracts can also protect you in case of a dispute by providing a clear, written record of the terms of the agreement. This can be used as evidence in a legal or administrative dispute resolution process such as at the CCMA.

A Learnership Contract is a Legal Requirement

In addition to protecting learners in case of a dispute, contracts can also help to ensure that you are treated fairly in the workplace. For example, the contract may specify the hours of work, the level of compensation, and any other benefits to which you, the learner, is entitled. This can help to ensure that you are not subjected to unfair treatment or discrimination.

Learners must be treated fairly when in their workplaces because it promotes a positive work environment and helps to foster a sense of respect and trust between you and the employer or training provider. Fair treatment also improves motivation and engagement, which can in turn lead to improved performance and outcomes.

KwikSpace Modular Project Management Learnership

Kwikspace Modular contracted unemployed youth for learnerships. Unemployed youth are a special priority group for the government. Learnerships are meant to provide youth with training and a form of sheltered employment for the duration of the learnership. Youth receive a stipend based on minimum pay standards. A stipend is a small benefit to these youth, indeed many argue it’s too small to matter at all.

Unemployed learners reported attending classes where they signed each other’s portfolios as if they were work colleagues. The employer prohibited learners from the actual workplace meaning they gained no practical job experience.

Learnership candidates are considered employees for the duration of a learnership and must perform work-based tasks in line with their qualification requirements. An employer offering learnerships without providing legitimate work experience is duplicitous.

During class, learners were told they were on a Project management NQF L4 learnership and that they received a bursary as opposed to a stipend. Maybe Kwikspace was playing with words.

Kwikspace insinuates that their ‘scholarship grant’ of R 2000 per month is converted to a bursary and as such learners don’t have to pay anything. It’s difficult to comprehend what they are stating because they are so obtuse.

Kwikspace is too greedy to pay a stipend to struggling youth. Do they squeeze learnerships just to boost profits, gain BEE points and rebates?


Subject  to the existing Employer policy, rules and resolutions, which are not less than favourable than the provisions of this Agreement, and not less favorable than the general conditions of employment as contained in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act as well as conditions and minimum wage as per Employee Tax Incentive ACT, the engagement conditions of employment shall be as follows:

9.1 Occupation: Student Employee shall receive a scholarship grant of R2000 per month which is converted to a Bursary which will intern (sic) be a benefit of a qualification to improve the Student Employee chances of further study and employability. 

Companies can claim tax rebates and BEE points for rolling out learnerships. SARS, DHET and in this case, the Services SETA, need to ensure that the public is protected and that non-compliant delivery is not rewarded at the taxpayer’s cost.

Unemployed youth cannot attend learnerships at their own expense while companies are rewarded with financial and other benefits. This is unfair, unconstitutional treatment.

What do you think about the Kwikspace Modular Contract?

Is the Kwikspace contract written to empower youth or to obscure the truth?

Share your skills development experiences.

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