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Exciting NQF Level 4 Qualifications New List

The massive list of NQF Level 4 Qualifications. Explore exciting new NQF level 4 courses. These job certificates offer specialist training opportunities to advance your career.

NQF Level 4 Occupational Qualifications: Kickstart Your Career Path

nqf level 4 qualifications

Exciting NQF Level 4 Courses

Further your career and expand your skillset with a nationally recognized occupational qualification.

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  1. Abattoir Foreman – Butter Maker NQFL 4 Qualifications
  2. Carpenter – Dry Mill Operator NQF Level 4 Qualifications
  3. E-Waste Operations Controller – Furniture Upholsterer NQFL4 Qualifications
  4. Geological Technician (Marine Mining Geological Technician) – Lubrication Equipment Mechanic NQF Level 4 Qualifications
  5. Manufacturing Production Process Controller – Muallim NQF Level 4 Qualifications
  6. Non-Destructive Eddy Current Testing Technician – Pulp Process Controller NQFL 4 Qualifications
  7. Quality Controller – Survey Interviewer NQF Level 4 Qualifications
  8. Telecommunication Line Mechanic – Wood Processing Machine Operator NQF Level 4 Qualifications
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What are National Qualification Framework Level 4 Job Qualifications?

The QCTO compiles information about registered learnership qualifications.

NQF Level 4 Qualifications: Occupational certificates span diverse industries and sectors.

Job certifications are designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise you need to excel in your chosen field. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing skills or embark on a new career path, these qualifications are the perfect way to take your professional development to the next level. With a focus on practical, real-world skills and a curriculum tailored to the needs of each industry, you can be confident that you’re gaining the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Specialist NQF Level 4 Qualifications: Studying and Career Pathing

What is a Career Path?

A career path is the sequence of jobs, positions, and roles that a person pursues throughout their professional life.

A career path often involves developing the necessary skills, education, and experience to advance in a particular field or industry. Once you have completed an NQF level 4 qualification, you are eligible to study for an NQF Level 5 qualification.

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How to Plan Your Career Path

  • Link what you study to a career path. This helps you make informed decisions about your education and training. It will ensure you are developing the skills and experience needed to succeed in your desired career.
  • By identifying career goals, you can align your studies with the specific requirements of your chosen field. This will develop a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to succeed.
  • Explore what the scarce or critical skills are and consider studying for those fields or jobs. By increasing your chances of finding employment in high-demand industries, you could find more stable and higher-paying jobs.
  • Identifying scarce or critical skills can also help you stay ahead of industry trends and remain relevant in your chosen field. By developing skills in these areas, you can position yourself as an expert in your field, and increase your chances of long-term success and job satisfaction.

NQF Level 4: Occupational Certificates and Learnerships

There are 149 occupational certificates that can currently be achieved via learnerships. Learnerships are prioritised for jobs that can meet scarce and critical skill needs.

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Alphabetical List of NQF L4 Registered Full & Part Qualifications

Abattoir Foreman-Butter Maker NQF Level 4 Qualifications

Abattoir Foreman1186954
Aids to Navigation Technician1128254
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Certificate Of Conformity Verifier1032724
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Compliance Verifier1032764
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic1032774
Aircraft Structures Technician1024984
Airline Ground Crew937914
Ancillary Machine Maintenance Assistant1181034
Apparel and Related Manufacturing Machine Mechanic1025824
Aquaculture Farmer1049124
Armature Winder940194
Armature Winder (Heavy Coil Winder)992544
Asphalt Tester1128274
Automotive Engine Fitter1194234
Automotive Motor Mechanic979904
Automotive Sales Advisor1180974
Auxiliary Fossil Power Plant Operator1032634
Bank Customer Services Clerk1017104
Bank Teller1016734
Banknote Processor1102404
Bench Worker1170174
Bicycle Mechanic996944
Bicycle Special Components Repairer1030944
Bituminous Binders Tester1128264
Boat Builder and Repairer (Boat Builder)945734
Boat Builder and Repairer (Ship Builder)971554
BodyTalk Practitioner1188264
Butter Maker1029194

Carpenter – Dry Mill Operator NQF Level 4 Qualifications

Carton Manufacturing Machine Minder1016704
Chemical Laboratory Analyst1015694
Chemical Plant Operator1021564
Civil Engineering Aggregates Tester1128084
Civil Engineering Materials Tester1128054
Class 3 Inshore Diver1103724
Class 4 Commercial Scuba Diver1103704
Cloud Administrator1186994
CNC Milling Machinist1029964
CNC Turning Machinist1030994
Coldset Rotary Offset Lithography Printing Technician1017694
Commercial Diver1103714
Community Worker (Community Development Worker)977084
Concrete Tester1128334
Condensed Liquid Dairy Products Maker1029164
Corrugate Board and Container Machine Minder1196444
Corrugated Board Printing and Finishing Machine Minder1181004
Cottage Cheesemaker1029604
Credit or Loans Officer1016764
Design Thinking Innovation Lead1187884
Design Thinking Practitioner1187054
Diamond and Gemstone Setter1180924
Diesel Electrical Fitter1027604
Diesel Fitter988224
Diesel Mechanic975924
Dried Dairy Products Maker1029614
Driving Instructor1048834
Dry Kiln Operator1186984
Dry Mill Operator1181094

E-Waste Operations Controller – Furniture Upholsterer NQF Level 4 Qualifications

E-Waste Operations Controller1192644
Early Childhood Development Practitioner975424
EDM Plunge Operator1030164
EDM Wire Operator1030174
Electrical Line Mechanic (Overhead Lines Mechanic)917814
Electron Pre-press Screen Technician1194354
Electronic Pre-press Gravure Technician1023184
Emergency Service and Rescue Official (Mine Rescue Service Worker)940424
Engine Management and Fuel Injection Systems Mechanic1023174
Engineering Pattern Maker936234
Engineering Patternmaker1196434
Fermented Dairy Products Maker1029174
Fitness Instructor1186894
Fitter and Turner940204
Flammable Gas System Installer1172354
Food and Beverage Gas System Installer1172324
Footwear Pattern Grader1187874
Footwear Pattern Maker and Grader1187864
Forestry Production and Operations Foreman1194474
Forestry Production Foreman1194624
Fresh Dairy Products Maker1029184
Fuel Pipeline Controller1025604
Furniture Upholsterer1031994

Geological Technician (Marine Mining Geological Technician) – Lubrication Equipment Mechanic NQF Level 4 Qualifications

Geological Technician (Marine Mining Geological Technician)992854
Geological Technician (Surface Mining Geological Technician)992574
Geological Technician (Underground Mining Geological Technician)992604
Glass Forming Specialist1172274
Glass Manufacturing Feederman1172284
Grain Grader1186884
Group Fitness Instructor1186914
Head Saw Doctor1032624
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Control Fitter1046204
Heatset Rotary Offset Lithography Printing Technician1194444
Heavy Equipment Mechanic975824
Hot Water System Installer (Heat Pump Installer)946204
Hot Water System Installer (Solar Water Installer)946194
Ice Cream Products Maker1029464
Individual Fitness Instructor1186904
Industrial Water Plant Operator1027584
Inert Gas System Installer1173304
Insurance Claims Administrator (Insurance Claims Assessor)996684
Internet-of-Things Developer1192624
Lift Mechanic948744
Liquid Long Life Dairy Products Maker1030924
Low Voltage Power Line Construction Practitioner1047904
Low Voltage Power Line Maintenance Practitioner1047914
Lubrication Equipment Mechanic948774

Manufacturing Production Process Controller – Muallim NQF Level 4 Qualifications

Manufacturing Production Process Controller1173274
Marimba Tuner1193044
Marine Electro-Technical Rating1032604
Mechanical Fitter940214
Mechanised Soft-Cover Bookbinding Technician1017004
Medical Gas System Installer1173344
Medium Voltage Power Line Construction Practitioner1047934
Medium Voltage Power Line Maintenance Practitioner1047954
Metal Machinist4
Metal Machinist (Automotive Machinist)963984
Metal Manufacturing Casting Process Controller1021604
Metal Manufacturing Electrolysis Process Controller1021544
Metal Manufacturing Finishing Process Controller1021534
Metal Manufacturing Material Preparation Process Controller1021574
Metal Manufacturing Melting and Refining Process Controller1021594
Metal Manufacturing Rolling Process Controller1021554
Metal Mechanist (Automotive Machinist)963984
Mine Shift Overseer1192234
Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Calcining)995124
Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Materials Handler)992274
Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Materials Preparer – Lump Ore)995094
Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Mineral Processor: Calcining)995124
Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Mineral Processor: Hydrometallurgy)994864
Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Mineral Processor: Smelting)995064
Mining Technician (Mine Planning Practitioner)989294
Mining Technician (Mine Ventilation Officer)989324
Mining Technician (Mining Sampler: Hardrock)948704
Mining Technician (Mining Surveyor)948764
Mining Technician (Strata Control Practitioner Underground Hardrock)940384
Mining Technician (Strata Control Practitioner: Coal)948784
Mining Technician (Strata Control Practitioner: Underground Hardrock)940384
Mining Technician: (Mining Surveyor)948764
Mining Technician: Strata Control Practitioner (Coal)948784
Mobile Refrigeration Fitter1032674
Motorcycle Mechanic975914

Non-Destructive Eddy Current Testing Technician – Pulp Process Controller NQF Level 4 Qualifications

Non-Destructive Eddy Current Testing Technician1194344
Non-Destructive Liquid Penetrant Testing Technician1194334
Non-Destructive Radiographic Testing Operator1194304
Non-Destructive Radiographic Testing Technician1194294
Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Testing Technician1194274
436 Non-Destructive Visual Testing Technician1194264
Occupational Trainer971544
Orchard and Vineyard Foreman1106674
Overhead Electrical Line Mechanic1047874
Oxidant Gas System Installer1173334
Packaging Rotary Printing and Re-reeling Flexographic Machine Minder1017084
Paintless Dent Remover1018734
Panel Beater963644
Paper Process Controller1181204
Pattern Grader1155094
Pattern Making Assistant1154584
Pharmacist Assistant (Basic) (Part)1128114
Pipe Fitter992554
Processed Cheese Maker1030974
Propeller Workshop Maintenance Mechanic1047994
Pulp Process Controller1181214

Quality Controller – Survey Interviewer NQF Level 4 Qualifications

Quality Controller1173094
Radiation Protection Monitor1103564
Railway Signalling Fault Finder and Maintainer1194424
Railway Signalling Maintenance Mechanician1194434
Railway Track Constructor1196454
Railway Track Master1196624
Railway Track Supervisor1196634
Real Estate Agent1187144
Refractory Mason1173354
Refrigeration Control Fitter1032714
Refrigeration Maintenance and Repair workman1032664
Refrigeration Mechanic1032704
Retail Supervisor995734
Ripened Cheese Maker1031294
Safety Inspector (Forestry and Related Industries Safety Health and Environment Officer)997124
Saw Doctor1044594
Security First Line Manager1186874
Sewing Machine Maintenance and Repair Technician Assistant1181054
Sheetfed Lithography Technician963634
Small Engine Mechanic988134
Social Counselling Support Worker1111434
Social Security Administrator1122854
Soils, Gravels, and Crushed Stone Base Material Tester1128284
Specialised Glazing Solution Installer1181144
Speciality Gas System Installer1172454
Steelpan Maker and Tuner1193624
Stone Engraver1194524
Stone Polisher1194494
Survey Interviewer972324

Telecommunication Line Mechanic – Wood Processing Machine Operator NQF Level 4 Qualifications

Telecommunication Line Mechanic1194614
Tissue Converter Machine Operator1050194
Tissue Winder Operator1050204
Tooling CAD Operator1030914
Tractor Mechanic1174764
Trade Unionist1187904
Train Driver973914
Transportation Clerk (Transportation Coordinator)940254
Transportation Electrician (Automotive Electrician)973884
Tuned Percussion Instrument Maker1193034
Vehicle Damage Quantifier995074
Vehicle Painter (Automobile and Marine Painter)941824
Vehicle Trimmer989904
Water Reticulation Practitioner1025814
Weapons Systems Mechanic (Combat Weapons Fitter)996964
Wet Mill Operator1181084
Winemaker’s Assistant1162754
Wood Processing Machine Operator1181064

Interested in any NQFL4 qualifications on this list?

Are these NQFL4 qualifications for you?

The target market for NQFL4 QCTO qualifications includes:

  • learners who completed NQF L3 qualifications or have equivalent work experience
  • Individuals who are looking to specialize in a particular area of their trade or occupation
  • Experienced workers who want to take on leadership or management roles in their field
  • Individuals who are looking to start their own business or become self-employed
  • Anyone who wants to qualify for NQF L5 qualifications.

The NQF L4 qualifications target individuals who are seeking to acquire advanced-level skills and knowledge in a particular trade or occupation. They are aimed at individuals who have a good understanding of their chosen field and are looking to develop their skills and knowledge further.

Once you have identified which NQF L4 qualifications you wish to pursue, do the following:

  1. Research the different providers offering the qualification to find one that meets your needs and preferences. Copy the qualification title, ID number and NQFL, then search for it on Google. The search should find the providers advertising this qualification online.
  2. Enquire about the admission requirements, fees, and duration of the qualification.
  3. If possible, speak to current or past students of the qualification to get their perspective.
  4. Consider the practical and financial implications of pursuing the qualification. Also compare what the fees include, such as the costs of assessment and certification.
  5. Once you have gathered all the information, they can make an informed decision on whether the NQF L3 qualification is right for them and proceed to enrol.

The availability of NQF L4 qualifications may vary depending on your location and the training providers in your area. The QCTO regularly updates its list of accredited qualifications and providers, so it is best to check the QCTO’s website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

Other NQF Level Qualification Options

If you have little or no high school education, check out the NQF level 1 and 2 job qualifications. There is a great range and it’s possible you’ll find something you really want to learn and get a professional career started. Age is not a barrier, in fact, it could be a BIG BONUS! If you have experience doing a job that matches the qualification, you may be able to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning. You’re never too old to qualify, you’re just too old to give up!

If you have some high school but dropped out before obtaining a Matric, check out the NQFL3 qualifications. If you completed Grade 10 Maths Literacy and two languages, you could push your way onto a Learnership on NQFL3. Take a look at these NQFL5 occupational certificates to see if they fit into your career goals. Perhaps you have your sights set on an NQF L6 qualification.

Beware of Bogus Colleges

To ensure you don’t register with bogus colleges and institutions, please follow these steps:

  1. Check the accreditation status of the college or institution offering the NQF L4 qualification. The QCTO website lists all accredited colleges and institutions.
  2. Research the reputation of the college or institution by reading online reviews and speaking to other learners.
  3. Ensure that the college or institution has a physical address and is easily accessible.
  4. Check if the college or institution is registered with the relevant regulatory bodies, such as the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).
  5. Ask for a detailed prospectus and course outline to ensure that the qualification meets your needs and expectations.

Avoid tears and take the time to carefully research and select a provider to ensure that the NQF L4 qualification is recognized and meets your career goals. The QCTO’s website and other resources, such as industry associations and professional bodies, can be valuable sources of information when selecting a training provider or higher education institution. By following the steps explained above, you can minimize the risk of enrolling in a bogus college or institution and ensure that you receive a high-quality education and training.

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