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To Be a Registered Facilitator Assessor and Moderator Now

Facilitator Assessor and Moderator Registration Steps.

Become a Facilitator Assessor and Moderator to Work in Training

Become registered to work in the training sector. Everything you need to know about becoming SETA registered to skill the workforce of the future! All requirements to be a registered training facilitator, assessor and moderator.

Facilitator Assessor and Moderator Accreditation

Welcome, careers in education, training and development are popular choices! So this post is for those who want to inspire an aspirational society and workforce. 🙂

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How To Compete as a SETA Training Facilitator in Industry

1. When Becoming a Registered Facilitator Assessor or Moderator: Adopt a Competitive Mindset

Organisations prefer facilitators, assessors and moderators with multiple SETA registrations. Consequently, after completing the ETDP SETA training, competitive training professionals become constituent facilitators, assessors and moderators at multiple SETAs. As a result, they can provide services on a range of specialist qualifications across a variety of industries.

2. Complete Facilitator Assessor and Moderator Training to Be Market-competitive

Becoming a registered skills development expert is essential for education and training. Therefore, qualify for the most roles. Then you will find more work opportunities.

3. Register As A Constituent Facilitator Assessor and Moderator To Be Competitive For Jobs

Because facilitators tend to cluster around popular qualifications in each sector, there is intense rivalry for training jobs. For example, in the services sector, qualifications such as Generic Management and Business Administration are common.

We will help you understand how to become a registered facilitator, assessor and moderator to successfully compete for work.

Outlining The Steps to Be an Active Registered Facilitator Assessor and Moderator

  1. Firstly, complete ETDP SETA Assessor and moderator training: You must attend ETDPSETA-accredited training for facilitators, assessors and moderators. The assessor and moderator courses prepare you to assess and moderate learning programs. ETDPSETA certifications validate that you can perform assessment and moderation tasks.
  2. Then apply to be a constituent Assessor with the SETAs of your choice.
    • Start by visiting SETA websites to identify qualifications you wish to provide facilitation and assessment services on.
    • Then send an application listing the qualifications you wish to provide services for. Also, attach your CV and ETDP Assessor certifications.
  3. Once SETA certified, approach organisations offering the qualifications you can assess. Then offer your facilitation and assessment services.

Therefore, to increase work opportunities, you must obtain constituency SETA registrations for a range of qualifications.

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Facilitator Assessor and Moderator Training

Facilitator Assessor and Moderator Courses

To become a registered facilitator, assessor, and moderator in South Africa, complete the ETDP SETA training courses described below:

1. ETDP SETA Facilitator Training:

Facilitator training provides the skills and knowledge required to plan and deliver effective training programs, engage learners, and facilitate group discussions. Facilitator training is an advantage but not a requirement (yet).

2. ETDP SETA Assessor training:

Then equip yourself with assessment knowledge and skills. Learn to design and implement valid, reliable, and fair assessment processes, and to use a range of assessment methods and tools. Assessor certification is required for a facilitator to assess learners on credit-bearing programmes.

3. ETDP SETA Moderator training:

Finally, complete training to help you understand the principles and practices of moderation. Learn to review all training and assessment components. You will acquire the skills to moderate assessments, ensuring they are fair and consistent across different locations and institutions. So to be competitive in the market, you must complete assessor and moderator training.

ETDPSETA Training For Constituent Registration: Facilitator Assessor and Moderator

The ETDPSETA is the custodian of facilitator, assessor and moderator training. As a result, their training programmes provide the first benchmark for skills development workers. Therefore you will need ETDP SETA certifications if you want to facilitate, assess and moderate training in an industry in South Africa. Other SETAs will not consider you as a constituent facilitator, assessor or moderator unless you have been certified by the ETDP SETA first.

There are three unit standards you can receive an ETDP facilitator, assessor, or moderator certificate. Scroll below the table to view additional ETDP options and requirements for registration.

1. ETDPSETA Facilitator Unit Standard

Find ETDP Accredited training providers offering this Facilitator unit standard:

SAQA Unit StandardFacilitate Learning Using a Variety of Given Methodologies
U/S. I.D.117871
NQF Level5
PurposeThis unit standard provides recognition for those who facilitate or intend to facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies. Formal recognition enhances employability. Also, it provides a means to identify competent learning facilitators.
117871 Reflection Template
Learning OutcomesThe qualifying learner will be able to: Plan and prepare for facilitation. Facilitate learning. Evaluate learning and facilitation.
Target GroupsIndividuals who facilitate at the workplace,  or independent training providers.
Entry RequirementsCandidate-facilitators need to be competent in the learning area in which training will be provided.
Qualifications and industry requirements change over time. Please alert Keep Climbing of any changes you may find.
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2. ETDPSETA Assessor Unit Standard

Find ETDP Accredited training providers offering this Assessor unit standard for performing assessment:

SAQA Unit StandardConduct Outcomes-Based Assessments
U/S. I.D.115753
NQF Level5
PurposeThis is a generic assessor course. You will be able to assess people for their achievement of learning outcomes in terms of specified criteria using pre-designed assessment instruments.
Learning Outcomes



The qualifying learner will be able to: Carry out assessments in a fair, valid, reliable and practicable manner; Demonstrate understanding of outcomes-based assessment; Prepare for assessments; Conduct assessments; Provide feedback on assessments, and review assessments.
Target GroupsIndividuals who are responsible for assessing delegates’ achievements at the workplace. Or independent training providers and/or assessment centres.
Entry RequirementsNo previous assessment experience is necessary. However, candidate assessors should have expertise within the area of learning that they intend to assess. 
Qualifications and industry requirements are regularly updated, Keep Climbing appreciates being alerted of any changes you may find.
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ETDPSETA Moderator Unit Standard

Find ETDP-accredited training providers For The Moderator unit standard:

SAQA Unit StandardModerate Outcomes-Based Assessments
U/S. I.D.115759
NQF Level6
PurposeThis unit standard is to conduct internal or external moderation of outcomes-based assessments.
Learning Outcomes



The qualifying learner will be able to: Moderate assessments in terms of the relevant outcome statements and quality assurance requirements; Use the prescribed QA procedures in a fair, valid, reliable and practicable manner; Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of an OBE assessment system; Plan and prepare for moderation; Conduct moderation; Advise and support assessors; Report, record and administer moderation; and Review moderation systems and processes.
Target GroupsIndividuals who are responsible for moderating the OBE assessment practices at the workplace. Or independent training providers and/or assessment centres.
Entry RequirementsCandidate-moderators should have previous assessment experience and recognition for the unit standard 115753 – “Conduct OBE Assessments.” Also, they should have expertise within the field in which they are moderating assessments
Qualifications and industry requirements are regularly updated. Keep Climbing appreciates being alerted of any changes you may find.

Are Assessor and Moderator registrations important?

Yes! Because the Assessor and Moderator certifications and SETA registrations have become compulsory requirements for the Education and Training sector.

Assessors and moderators select qualifications that fall under the Setas’ custody. Therefore there is a constant flow of professionals across a diverse range of qualifications.

Also, many assessors and moderators work on occupational qualifications that can be obtained via learnerships. Note that new QCTO qualifications are structured differently for assessment.

In addition, you stand a better chance at securing work as a facilitator if you can assess and moderate on multiple qualifications. Then you offer providers flexibility and growth potential. Especially if you are already registered for a qualification an organisation hopes to offer in the future. Therefore it means you stand a better chance of establishing a long-term relationship with them.

New Assessment Systems

The QCTO has started introducing Assessment Centres to standardise aspects of the education and training value chain. As a result, prospective assessors and moderators are encouraged to check the QCTO website regularly for updates. Also, approach QCTO registered training providers for work. In addition, moderators can reach out to assessment centres for opportunities. Then it’s possible to contribute to designing a new dynamic and inclusive assessment landscape. Youth need people in the system who will address their concerns related to the burden of cost and access. Finally, consider becoming registered to work on the latest learnership qualifications.

What are Assessor and Moderator Roles?

Simply put, these roles encompass the following:

  1. Assessor: assesses learners to ensure learning outcomes have been achieved.
  2. Moderator: evaluates all the learning processes and implementation outcomes. From selection of learners to summative assessment, they check that a quality system was followed. Therefore moderators validate the assessment findings.

Assessment and moderation play a key role in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of education and training.

How Assessors and Moderators Fit into the Learning Value Chain

Assessment and moderation are critical components of education and training in South Africa for several reasons:

  1. Quality assurance: Assessment and moderation ensure that learners receive a consistent and fair assessment of their knowledge, skills, and competencies, regardless of the location or institution where they are being trained.
  2. Validity and reliability: Assessment and moderation processes help to validate and confirm the accuracy and reliability of assessments, ensuring that the results accurately reflect a learner’s knowledge and skills.
  3. Compliance with standards: The national qualifications framework in South Africa requires all education and training providers to adhere to certain standards. Therefore all assessment and moderation processes must help ensure that standards are met.
  4. Improving education and training outcomes: Assessment and moderation play a crucial role in ensuring that learners receive the best possible education and training. When regularly assessing learners’ progress and identifying areas for improvement, education and training providers can continually improve their programs and services.
  5. Building a skilled workforce: A well-designed and well-implemented assessment and moderation process helps to build a skilled and competent workforce. As a result, learners receive the education and training they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

Note: You cannot become a moderator without having achieved the assessor certification first.

Become a Constituent Facilitator Assessor and Moderator

Upon becoming a SETA registered assessor and moderator, you obtain the following records:

  1. Assessor/Moderator Certification (ETDP SETA)
  2. Industry Constituency Certification (Any SETA)
  1. ETDP SETA certification: demonstrates your understanding of applying formal assessment and moderation techniques.
  2. Constituent registration: register with diverse SETAs. As a result, you will be able to provide assessment and moderation services in multiple industries.

Apply to Become a constituent Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator

Align Your CV to the Qualifications You Wish to Facilitate, Assess or Moderate

Tip: When applying to different SETAs, organize your CV into sections that clearly link to the specific or exit-level outcomes of the qualifications you want to be certified for. For example, use the qualification lingo in your CV.

  • Meet the minimum qualifications required for SETA industry approval. For example a relevant tertiary qualification and experience in your field. You must also show additional training in adult education, assessment, and moderation.
  • Note that you may ONLY assess and moderate on qualifications and specific unit standards listed on your certificates. Consequently, if you assess or moderate a qualification or unit standard you are not certified for, you jeopardise learner, training provider and employer success. This is because the work you did will be discarded by the authorities.

Currently, SETA-registered assessors are automatically assumed to be competent facilitators. But to become a moderator, you must become a registered assessor first.

Note that SETA requirements may change. Therefore it is recommended to check the latest information on their website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

ETDP SETA certification alone doesn’t mean you’re industry-ready. You still need to apply to other SETAs in order to work on their specific qualifications.

Facilitators Compete for Work

Firstly, the more current you are, the more you can compete. For example, picture a facilitator who tells learners to bring their phones to class. Then they make learners demonstrate how to use social media to promote their knowledge. This facilitator may be more valuable than one who can only construct experiences around printed resources.

Secondly, the creation of qualifications often lags behind industry demand. Thereby contributing to the emergence of scarce or critical skills. In other words, the supply of qualifications does not always meet the industry demand. Look for qualifications that are in demand and where facilitators are in short supply. This will lead to more work opportunities for you!

Why Facilitators have been allowed to operate without Certification

When South Africa’s new sector-based training system emerged, it soon became clear that many sectors lacked formal qualifications. It is widely believed that formal qualifications benefit economic growth.

Example 1: The Case for Craft Skills Development

Craft skills and knowledge were usually handed down from one generation to another and lacked formal qualification criteria. Therefore, registered facilitators, assessors and moderators were developed over time.

Example 2: The Case for Live Event Technology Skills Development

Those entering the robust field of live event technology in the hopes of one day becoming a technician had to work their way up. Starting from simple menial tasks such as loading equipment, for indefinite periods. As a result of a lack of suitable qualifications they could remain in these low-paying, often casual positions for many years.

Early facilitators were those who had current industry technical skills. They also measured competency and assessed candidates in practical scenarios.

Two possible factors for the lack of formal facilitator requirements:

1. Qualification Development Lags Behind Industry Demand

When formal education and training is first being introduced, registered facilitators are rare. If they were only allowed to impart skills and knowledge once certified, learning and development would have been slowed down. Therefore, training in relevant industry skills had to be delivered by unregistered subject experts. Although we still sometimes see a separation of the facilitator and assessor roles, it’s decreasing.

This changes over time. As more opportunities for the formalisation of facilitation increase, it will become a requirement. For example, the End-user NQFL3 certificate is a requirement for facilitators wanting to teach Microsoft Office in formal education spaces as opposed to only having the MS certifications.

Consequently, as the number of facilitators increase, they need to become certified to be competitive in the job market arises.

2. The Facilitator’s Default Assumption

Secondly, a lack of pressure for separate facilitator certification is the default assumption. Which is that if you know how to assess, then you know how to facilitate a learning experience. As a result, you can deliver a reliable learning experience to meet assessment criteria and exit-level outcomes. As we know, this isn’t always true and there are those with a facilitator flair that others lack. Often the more flamboyant facilitator prefers to drive the learning experience without having to assess – sometimes seen as an onerous task.

Example of SETA Constituency Registration Requirements

Below are the facilitator, assessor and moderator requirements established by the ETDPSETA. They illustrate what you can expect after completing your training and obtaining your certificate.

1. ETDPSETA Assessor and Moderator Registration for ETDPSETA qualifications

Simply put, the ETDPSETA is mandated to promote and facilitate the delivery of Education, Training and Development. They enhance the skills profile of the Education, Training and Development (ETD) sector and contribute to the creation of employment opportunities, especially for those previously disadvantaged.

2. Steps to Become a Registered ETDP SETA Facilitator

  1. Complete the ETDPSETA training with an accredited provider or contact ETDP SETA itself.
  2. Then apply to be an ETDP constituent facilitator, assessor and moderator.
  3. Maintain your status once you have been registered, and participate in continuous professional development activities.
  4. Start by offering your services as a SETA-registered facilitator, assessor, and moderator to accredited training providers

3. ETDP Assessor Registration Criteria

The ETDQA Unit approves applications to be registered as a constituent assessor if the applicant can provide proof of the following:

  • Achievement of unit standard 115753 ‘Conduct Outcomes Based Assessments’ or 7978 ‘Plan and Conduct Assessment of Outcomes-Based Learning Outcomes.’
  • Competency concerning the unit standard(s) and or qualifications for which they apply to be registered at (or preferably above) the level of the said standard(s) and/ or qualification
  • Two years experience in a relevant occupation/expertise; and
  • Relevant subject matter expertise.

4. ETDP Moderator Registration Criteria

The ETDQA Unit approves applications to be registered as a constituent moderator if the applicant can provide proof of the following:

  • Registration as an ETDQA constituent assessor (current)
  • Achievement of unit standard 115759 ‘Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessment or 7977 ‘ Conduct Moderation’
  • Two years of relevant occupational experience particularly in the design and implementation of assessments; and
  • Relevant subject matter expertise.

5. New Assessor and Moderator Application and Approval Processes

Applications to be registered as a constituent assessor or moderator will be submitted and processed according to the following procedure:

  • The applicant must visit, click on AIMS, select the registration type (new assessor/ moderator registration) desired and create their profile.
  • After creating the profile, the applicant must complete and submit the online application form to the ETDP SETA, together with the required documentation.
  • Then the ETDP SETA Quality Officials process the online application. Once it meets the registration requirements the applicant will be registered as an ETD constituent assessor and/ or moderator. Then an electronic notification letter will be sent to the applicant informing them of their registration status.
  • But if the application is unsuccessful an electronic notification will be sent to the applicant providing the reasons for not being registered.
  • The assessor registration application must precede the moderator registration application.

6. Assessor and Moderator Re-registration Application Process

Registered assessors and moderators must complete and submit an online assessor or moderator re-registration online application. Ensure you embark on this process at least thirty (30) working days before the expiry of registration to avoid a period of non-registration. 

7. Assessor and Moderator Extension of Registration Scope and Approval Process

Registered assessors and moderators may apply for an extension of scope. For example they can add to the unit standards or qualifications they are registered to assess or moderate on. When they demonstrate competence in the additional unit standards or qualification it will be granted. Note that the online application process for the extension of scope is the same as the new assessor and moderator application and approval processes.

8. Assessor and Moderator Registration Duration

Assessors and Moderators will be registered for a period in keeping with the life span of the qualification/s and/ or unit standard/s. Therefore when a qualification expires so does your ability to remain registered for it.

9. Recognition of Prior Learning: Facilitator Assessor and Moderator

Many ask ‘I have job-specific experience and have been training people in my field for years. Must I really go and do a degree and then do ETDP SETA training?!’

Answer: Nope.

While it is ideal to have a degree to validate an area of  ‘specialisation,’ work experience is also a benchmark. Particularly if your experience is related to a scarce or critical skill, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.

How to embark on RPL: Facilitator Assessor and Moderator

  1. Firstly, identify the specific qualification/field that you want to be certified for. For example, if it’s Marketing, select a marketing qualification.
  2. Then find a training provider for the qualification:
    • Visit SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). Read our tips on how to navigate their website and search for a qualification,
    • Also, Google the name of the qualification you want and see who pops up in the search.
    • Research qualifications using this list of SETA websites.

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FAQ: Guide – Become a Facilitator, Assessor & Moderator

Q1: What is ETDPSETA?

ETDPSETA stands for the Education, Training, and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority. It is one of the 21 SETAs in South Africa mandated to promote and oversee skills development within specific sectors. ETDPSETA focuses on the education, training, and development sector, including facilitation, assessment, and moderation.

Q2: Why should I become ETDPSETA certified?

Firstly, becoming ETDPSETA certified demonstrates your commitment to professional development. Secondly, it validates your ability to meet the standards and requirements for working as a facilitator, assessor, and moderator in South Africa. Therefore certification provides credibility and enhances your employability within the training field.

Q3: What are the requirements for ETDPSETA certification?

To become ETDPSETA certified, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a relevant qualification in education, training, or development.
  • Have a valid South African identity document or work permit.
  • Demonstrate competence in facilitation, assessment, and moderation through a portfolio of evidence.
  • Undertake training and assessment activities to further develop your skills.

Q4: How do I apply for ETDPSETA certification?

To apply for ETDPSETA certification, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, identify an accredited training provider or institution offering ETDPSETA-approved courses. Then enroll in the relevant course(s) and complete the required training. You will compile a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your competence in facilitation, assessment, and moderation.
  2. Once you are assessed as competent, submit your ETDP SETA application form. Also, attach the required documents to the SETA. Then await the assessment of your application by the ETDP SETA.

Q5: What is a facilitator, assessor, and moderator?

Q6: Are there any ETDPSETA-approved training programs available?

Yes, ETDPSETA approves various training programs offered by accredited institutions. Furthermore, these programs cover a wide range of topics related to facilitation, assessment, and moderation. Find ETDPSETA-approved training providers on their website or inquire with local education and training institutions.

Q7: How long does it take to complete the ETDPSETA certification process?

The duration of the certification process may vary depending on individual circumstances. It typically takes several months to complete the required training and gather the necessary evidence for your portfolio. Once you submit your ETDPSETA application, the approval process can take a few weeks to several months.

Q8: Is there a renewal process for ETDPSETA certification?

Yes, ETDPSETA certification requires renewal. Consequently, the renewal process usually occurs every three to five years, depending on the specific certification. This involves submitting updated evidence of continuing professional development and maintaining a professional development portfolio.

Q9: Can I work as a facilitator, assessor, or moderator without ETDPSETA certification?

While it is not legally required to have ETDPSETA certification to work in training, many organizations prefer certified professionals. Therefore, ETDPSETA certification provides a competitive edge by increasing your chances of securing employment opportunities.

Q10: Can I apply for ETDPSETA certification if I have prior experience but lack formal qualifications?

Yes, if you have relevant industry experience but lack formal qualifications, you may still be eligible for ETDPSETA certification. You may need to demonstrate your competence through a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. An RPL process involves assessing your existing knowledge, skills, and experience against the required standards.

In conclusion, continuous learning and professional development are crucial for success in the training industry. Good luck on your journey!

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