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For those who are employed or experienced, this article describes the RPL Process as an option for qualifying.

No Qualification?

Graduating in the Workplace

The entry criteria for different qualifications vary. Some will require at least 2 years experience, others more. Training providers may add criteria in order to meet specific industry standards and expectations.

What’s Recognition of Prior Learning?

RPL is for candidates who already know something and don’t require training. They possess all or most of the required skills and knowledge and simply need to be assessed and verified for competence.

RPL is the channel you can use in order to negotiate a qualification based on your work experience and learning opportunities.

You will be required to put together a Portfolio of Evidence proving you meet the requirements of a qualification with minimal training support. RPL is a formal assessment process that is recognised internationally in order to encourage adults to improve career mobility and acquire relevant qualifications for an ever-changing world.

Get Started: Select a Qualification

  • Go to SAQA.ORG.ZA and hit ‘Search for a qualification’
  • Type in the title of the qualification you think you’re looking for
  • Open it and scroll to the Exit Level Outcomes (ELO)
  • ELO’s are what students must be able to do independently by the time the training is complete.
  • How much of these ELO’s do you meet? 60% or more? Then it could be the right qualification for you to pursue.
  • If you don’t understand the ELO’S – wrong qualification, search again! Keep going till you find the ELO’s that best match your skill set.

Contact a Training Provider

  1. Check the bottom of the SAQA qualification for the list of accredited training providers.
  2. If there are none, contact the QCTO or the relevant SETA.


  1. Training providers will want to check if you are eligible for the RPL process:
    • What evidence is required?
    • What evidence do you have?
    • Any gaps?
  2. If there are gaps in your knowledge and / or skills development, you will be required to attend training or be mentored in order to meet the requirement.

Portfolio of Evidence

  1. The training provider may invite you to a consultation to discuss your application or may inform you that you qualify to attend a workshop.
  2. Workshops are usually conducted to explain the qualification requirements and how to structure your Portfolio of Evidence (POE) for assessment.
  3. Your work will be assessed, if you have submitted insufficient evidence or if your work fails to meet competency levels, you will be given a deadline for resubmission.
  4. The process of correcting and improving your work is known as remediation.
  5. After your POE has been assessed for the final time, Moderation follows. If the Moderator is happy with the process followed by the training provider, facilitator and assessor, the relevant quality council is notified to verify the findings.
  6. Credit is awarded for knowledge and skills acquired through experience and not for experience alone.

More RPL help

RPL Policy, Evidence Analysis and Assessor Roles

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