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Had a great experience on a learnership?

Tell the organisers that they rock and increase your opportunities at being retained by the employer or being placed on another learnership by the training provider.

If your experience is great, it’s highly likely that someone else will decide to study because of your story. Sending organisers a thank you letter will ensure that they understand the value of what they are doing.

Tell Your Former Training Provider and Employer They Rock

The firstly rule of ‘Thank You’ is sincerity.

Say thank you anyway you like – the readers wont even care about a few errors – it’s the meaning and intention that will convey everything they need to know about how deep your gratitude is.

Be smart and put your best foot forward. If you’ve just completed a qualification, show it! 😉

If you get the sincerity rule right you can probably stop reading and just go ahead and get writing right now.

But if the heat is on and you’re hoping to use the Thank You as an opportunity to impress, then keep reading to keep climbing! 🙂

The Loaded Thank you For the Employer

Dear X-Factor

The learnership is about to end and I wanted to share what the experience has meant to me because it’s been one of the most positive I’ve ever had.

I understand that you offer limited opportunity each year and wanted to let you know how much it means to those of us who get through.

As an employee, I’ve learnt that / seen how / been inspired by / been challenged to… 


  • you can write about any one thing or briefly explain a few different points.
  • If you’re writing about different things – make one of them  funny. For example: Thanks to you l probably learnt the most valuable career lesson of all, that arriving late on Monday means no muffins at the meeting!
  • Keep it brief, if this is a loaded letter, each word counts and you can’t waffle. For professional reasons you want to impress them with a carefully executed letter that makes them say

“Stop the Bus! Why are we letting this rock star leave?”

As a learner, the experience taught me about balancing different roles and goals. I’ve enjoyed putting what I learnt into practice and especially enjoyed…

Write your own or adapt any of these suggestions to suit you:

  1. …being challenged regularly and realising that learning was actually very motivating
  2. …the coaching and mentoring you offered as it….
  3. …the feedback from colleagues and assessors who commented on our progress


  • Link the learning to the professional environment as you’re not trying to land the training provider a job – you want a job or another learnership at a higher level!
  • One to 3 sentences is sufficient. You can describe one thing or briefly describe more.

The Closing

Working in an environment such as X-Factor is my future goal and I hope to one day apply for a position here.

Thank you once again for the opportunity. The experience and the qualification will empower my future and I’m extremely grateful for the role you played.  

Please don’t hesitate to call me if ever you need to recruit a committed individual who understands your business.


Bright Future

The Loaded Thank you For the Training Provider

The training provider is the organisation responsible for issuing your certificates. It could be a private provider or a college. Check with your facilitator if you’re unsure.

Dear Y-Training

The learnership is about to end and I wanted to thank you for the training received.

I understand that you offer limited opportunity each year and wanted to let you know how much the experience has meant to me.

Your training made me realise how much I enjoy learning and challenging myself to keep improving. I also appreciate the support you offered when…


  • Provide a specific example so they know you’re not just yanking their chain.
  • Give them a story that shows the value of having them on your side.
  • Keep it brief and professional, this isn’t Isidingo! 😉

Thanks to your training and the workplace experience, I feel positive about my future and have set a personal development goal to keep growing. 

For your records, please find my attached CV, updated with the learnership details. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are recruiting for another learnership in the same field and require a committed, professional candidate.


Bright Future

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Mpho Jul 13, 2017 at 10:51 pm

Thank you for giving us an oppoturnity to make our dreams true.i will love apply for a learnership

    Leonie Hall Jul 27, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Hi Mpho
    Please read our posts on how to find and apply for a learnerships. If you want something you must go and get it!
    Good luck!

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