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Non-PIVOTAL and PIVOTAL Programme Funds Now

What is a PIVOTAL Programme? PIVOTAL stands for Professional, Vocational, Technical and Academic Learning to obtain full or part NQF registered qualifications.

Non-PIVOTAL and PIVOTAL Programme Funding for Youth

I noticed a pattern of fewer opportunities for unemployed youth emerging in the industry around 2016. So it’s time to research current trends to see if this has changed and if funds favour unemployed youth.

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What Does PIVOTAL Programme Mean?

Firstly, PIVOTAL comes from the words Professional, Vocational, Technical and Academic Learning.

Because South Africa falls short in meeting industry skills needs, PIVOTAL programs were introduced via legislation. The aim is to encourage companies that provide training in identified National Skills Priority areas.

As a result, employers avoid programs that are not registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as they lack eligibility for PIVOTAL Programme funding. So this means employers won’t have any financial benefits.

Example of a funded PIVOTAL Programme

  • Learnership
  • Apprenticeship
  • Workplace Experience
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Skills Programme
  • Graduate Development
  • Public Further Education and Training College Graduates
  • Bursaries for universities of technology, public further education and training colleges and university studies.
  • Any other program not listed above but registered on the NQF will be regarded as a PIVOTAL Programme.

We’ve written an explainer post on our website for education and training stakeholders 7sundays. But if you’re youth, stick around as this one’s for you!

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PIVOTAL Programmes for Unemployed Youth

Follow companies and websites that advertise opportunities for unemployed youth. Each year SETAs must prioritise funds to make youth more employable and then advertise the opportunities. If you’re looking for opportunity, you must do so every day!

PIVOTAL Programme Results

I’m going to begin my investigation by looking into SETA funding priorities, I’ve started with INSETA. I want to see how many PIVOTAL programmes actually target unemployed youth. (These unemployed don’t know it, but we think of them as family.) Now because there’s such a range that PIVOTAL Programmes cover, you can easily be impressed by the numbers while missing who the actual beneficiaries are and if unemployed youth benefit at all.

In addition to unemployed youth, I want to know about youth with disabilities. Corporates love them for learnerships as disabled youth help them rack up those lucrative BEE Points and rebates.

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PIVOTAL Programmes Respond to Skill Shortages

SETAs provide funding according to the rising demands for specific trades and occupations. Economic sectors with critical and scarce skill shortages are likely to be prioritised for funding.

What are Non-PIVOTAL Programmes?

Non-PIVOTAL programmes include career guidance, sector conferences, sector research, TVET Capacity Building and Public Service Training, development of skills centres and other such non-credit bearing interventions that impact the sector skills agenda. Non-PIVOTAL programmes are funded through Special Projects.

If you’re an unemployed youth, look for events that you can attend for free. When there is an admission fee, email the organisers and explain that you are an unemployed youth and request admission to the event. If they say no, forward the information to the SETA that funded them and request if they can sponsor a ticket to the event they funded. It’s a cheeky but fair request. Just do it and holler back!

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PIVOTAL Grant Funding for Unemployed

I found a call for proposals from the BANK SETA (an unlikable SETA from an inequality perspective, but that’s a whole other post.)

So back in November 2021 BANKSETA offered PIVOTAL Programme funding for unemployed youth. I’ll need to check their annual plans to see what happened thereafter. You following me? Subscribe to see where this research is heading.

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