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Do you want to invest in your leadership skills and prepare for a future management role? Here’s a list of jobs the Department of Higher education and Training is promoting to youth.

Believe. See yourself as a future leader and prepare for it from the beginning. Analyse this list.

We can’t all be doctors but perhaps you want to contribute to medicine by being a manager in the field.

Or maybe education appeals to you but you think that the only job to consider is that of a teacher. Think again, we need campus managers at tertiary education level. If you believe in #FeesMustFall why not become a future leader in this space and change the system?

Study to be a Future Manager in Growing Industries


OFO Code


122201 1.      Advertising and Public Relations
133101 2.      Chief Information Officer
134101 3.      Child Care Centre Manager
132301 4.      Construction Project Manager
121901 5.      Corporate General Manager
112101 6.      Director (Enterprise / Organisation)
134504 7.      District Education Manager
134901 8.      Environmental Manager
134503 9.      Faculty Head
134502 10.   FET College Principal
121101 11.   Finance Manager
134507 12.   Head of Department (Teacher)
121206 13.   Health and Safety Manager
133102 14.   ICT Project Manager
111203 15.   Local Authority Manager
132402 16.   Logistics Manager
132101 17.   Manufacturer
134201 18.   Medical Superintendent
134915 19.   Operations Manager (Non-Manufacturing)
121201 20.   Personnel / Human Resource Manager
134906 21.   Practice Manager
121905 22.   Programme or Project Manager
121908 23.   Quality Systems Manager
134505 24.   Rector (Educational)
134506 25.   Registrar / Councillor (Educational)
122301 26.   Research and Development
142103 27.   Retail Manager (General)
122101 28.   Sales and Marketing Manager
134501 29.   School Principal
111204 30.   Senior Government Official
134903 31.   Small Business Manager
132401 32.   Supply and Distribution Manager

See the full list of 370 career opportunities

Top 350 South African Jobs in High Demand

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