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How to Find ECD Training: Teacher Qualifications

How to Find ECD Training: Teacher Qualifications. This post lists ECD Learnerships for preschool teachers and how to find career development opportunities. We will also cover the qualifications you need for the ECD career path. Become part of the profound impact that Early Childhood Development (ECD) education holds in South Africa, especially in underprivileged communities.

Looking for ECD Training?: Early Childhood Development Learnerships

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You will have a rewarding journey as an ECD Teacher nurturing the growth and potential of young minds, shaping a brighter future for all.

6 Steps to Find ECD Training: Learnerships And Training Opportunities

  1. Visit the ETDP and HW SETA websites to see if they have any planned ECD development opportunities.
  2. Check the Department of Basic Education website and search for ECD learnerships that they may be promoting.
  3. Search online for accredited training providers by googling the qualification and seeing who pops up.
  4. Check with your local municipality as ECD is a government priority area.
  5. Follow companies that offer learnerships on social media.
  6. Check that training providers are accredited by the QCTO and ETDP SETA.

Government Focus: Why ECD Learnership Training Is Important

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the first and essential step that children need to enable them to succeed in their schooling years. 

For this reason, we ensure that there are sufficient and qualified ECD teachers to meet the needs of our children. Improving the quality of basic education and learner achievement is a priority in South Africa. This priority is supported by legislation, national policies, and strategies.

non pivotal and pivotal programme seta training

What Early Childhood Development Learnerships Are Advertised?

If you’re looking for an ECD learnership, check online each day as new opportunities regularly arise.

The ETDP SETA funds learnerships for youth who want to work in the Early Childhood Development phase. Learnership training is free and learners are paid a stipend. But because ECD is so important, other SETAs also play a role in ECD training and development.

Example of HWSETA ECD Learnerships for People With Disabilities in KZN

119 women with disabilities, from rural and semi-rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal, will receive learnerships and employment opportunities as part of the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority’s Disability Learnership Programmes. 

HWSETA’s training partner for this programme is the Environment and Language Education Trust (ELET). The women participating in the Early Childhood Development learnership programme will complete the yearlong Early Childhood Development NQF level 4 to be qualified as preschool teachers.

Example of Government ECD Learnerships in Gauteng

July 18, 2023, was the closing date for Gauteng ECD Teachers’ Programme. A partnership between the Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA), Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA), and BlackBark Productions was formed. This partnership resulted in a unique programme that has been established to enable youth employment and equip ECD centres with trained ECD teachers. The programme focuses on ensuring that each ECD centre has at least one fully trained and qualified ECD teacher.

90 Women with disabilities will form part of an Early Childhood Development learnership programme.

ECD Learnership Entry Criteria

Applicants interested in these programs must meet specific criteria. Applicants must:

  1. Have completed their matriculation from a school in Gauteng. 
  2. Be Gauteng residents.
  3. Be under 35, without turning 36 or older during the program.

ETDPSETA Drives Professional ECD Training Development: NQF Qualifications

The ETDP SETA emphasises the importance of ECD programmes to help improve children’s capacity to develop and learn for better long-term prospects. To meet ECD needs, the ETDP SETA implements the FETC in ECD Practice NQF Level 4 and the Diploma in ECD Practice NQF 5 for practitioners in all nine provinces.

The ECD NQF Level 5, a two-year programme with 240 credits is aimed not only at increasing employment prospects for the unemployed but also at producing suitably qualified ECD practitioners with recognised qualifications.

How To Find ECD Training Accredited by ETDP SETA

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) in conjunction with the ETDP SETA, has registered new qualifications across diverse sectors, including Early Childhood Development.

The Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA) has a vital role in ECD training in South Africa. The ETDP SETA is responsible for the development and implementation of training and development programs in the education, training, and development practice sector, including ECD training. You can find ECD training providers by searching on the ETDPSETA website.

In recognition of the importance of ECD, the South African government has made significant investments in this sector, including the establishment of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sub-sector in the Department of Basic Education.

Qualification Details For An ECD Teacher Career

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations has registered a host of new qualifications across diverse sectors, including Early Childhood Development.

    The New Qualification for Early Childhood Development (ECD) Learnerships

    Early Childhood Development Practitioner97542NQFL4

    Learnership Occupational Qualification: Early Childhood Development Practitioner NQFL 4

    SAQA ID Number: 97542
    Title: Occupational Certificate: Early Childhood Development Practitioner
    NQF Level: 4
    Credits: 131
    Registration Start Date: 2018-07-01
    Registration End Date: 2023-06-30
    Last Enrollment Date: 2024-06-30
    Last Achievement Date: 2027-06-30

    Qualification Purpose: How ECD Learnerships Prepare Practitioners

    The ECD qualification purpose is to prepare a learner to operate as an Early Childhood Development Practitioner.  

    What An ECD Practitioner Does:

    1. Plans and prepares early childhood activities,
    2. Facilitates and mediates learning,
    3. Observes and assesses the progress of children,
    4. and reflects on learning in an inclusive, play-based environment to support the holistic development of children (from conception – school-going).

    Learnerships for ECD enable you to: 

    1. Plan and prepare the broad-phase learning environment and stimulating activities that meet the holistic needs of all children in centre-based or non-centre-based settings;
    2. Facilitate and mediate all aspects of the daily programme in a centre-based or non-centre-based setting;
    3. Observe, assess and record each child’s progress according to age and stage;
    4. Compile a report of each child’s progress and;
    5. Maintain and promote children’s well-being, health, nutrition, safety and protection.

Occupational Certificate: Early Childhood Development Practitioner on SAQA 

All ECD qualification documentation including curriculum and assessment documentation can be found on the QCTO website at this link.

Certification fees for skills programmes

List of Programmes implemented by the ETDP SETA

ETDP SETA offers learnerships and other training programs aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of ECD practitioners in South Africa. These programs are designed to provide ECD practitioners with the necessary skills to provide high-quality care and education to young children. The programs cover a wide range of topics, including child development, health and nutrition, play-based learning, and classroom management.

Registered Learnerships

Learnerships are skills development interventions to address scarce and critical skills shortages in South AfricaLearnerships are courses that combine work-based experience with structured learning thereby creating a qualification route for unemployed youth. New learnership qualifications have been registered, a full list is available at this link.

ETDP Qualifications

Below is a list of Programmes implemented by the ETDP SETA across South Africa:

1. Further Education and Training Certificate  (FETC) in ECD NQF Level 4;
2. National Diploma in ECD Practice NQF Level 5;
3. Development Practice NQF Level 5;
4. Youth Development Practice NQF Level 5
5. National Diploma in Environment Studies  NQF Level 5.

Setting Standards for ECD Development

The ETDP SETA also works closely with ECD centres and organizations to develop and implement quality assurance mechanisms for the ECD sector. This includes developing and implementing standards for ECD centres and conducting assessments to ensure that these standards are being met. ETDP SETA also supports ECD centres in areas such as governance, management, and fundraising.

Overall, the role of ETDP SETA in ECD training in South Africa is crucial in ensuring that young children in the country have access to high-quality ECD services. By providing training and support to ECD practitioners and implementing quality assurance mechanisms, ETDP SETA is helping to promote the development and well-being of young children in South Africa.

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