You are currently viewing SETA Learnership Trends And Contacts for Skills Development

SETA Learnership Trends And Contacts for Skills Development

SETA Learnership Trends and Contacts in 2016. Below is a list of SETAs reported on. Although there are 21 SETAs, only 18 are represented on this list.

SETA Learnership Trends and Contacts

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A comprehensive list of SETA Learnerships prioritized for 2016: SETA Learnership Trends

Use this information if you want a learnership or if you’re a business looking for a market opportunity.

SETAs have specific goals that must be achieved, these goals are based on industry employment and growth needs. The DHET has published priorities for 2016, their priorities are your opportunities whether you’re a learner or a business.

Below is a list of SETAs reported on. Although there are 21 SETAs, only 18 are represented on this list.

Unfortunately the communication system between our organising and regulatory bodies isn’t as progressive as their vision statements.

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SETA Learnership Trends List

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SETA Learnership Trends and Contacts for 2016


Explore a career in one of the fields listed in the table below. Contact the relevant SETA using the details in the last three columns.


Learnership programs are organised in an alphabetical list in the ‘Priority Fields of Study’ column. Email the contact details if you wish to apply, remember that numbers are limited so you must be professional and present yourself correctly. Before you write to them, read how to write a cover letter so that you’re impressive and not another desperate chancer.

List of Learnership Priority Fields and SETA Contacts

FASSET Chartered Certified Accountant4,5,6FASSET Call
INSETA Short Term Insurance3,4,5Tumi
CHIETAAccounting Technician3,4,5Ronnie
INSETAAccounting technician3,4,5Tumi
FASSETAcounting Technician4,5,6FASSET Call
SERVICES-SETAAdult Basic Education and Training3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
MICTSETAAdvertising3 to 6Jabu Sibeko112 072
AGRISETAAnimal Production2.3.4Sello Khoza123 015
SERVICES-SETAAuctioneering Practices3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
HWSETAAuxiliary Nursing3,
SERVICES-SETABeauty and Nail Technology ( Nail Services)3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETABeauty Salon Management3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETABeauty Therapy &Beauty Care3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETABody Treatments3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CHIETABoiler-making, Rigging, Pipefitting3,4,5Ronnie
FASSETBookkeeping4,5,6FASSET Call
CATHSSETABookmaker’s Clerk2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
FASSETBusiness Accounting4,5,6FASSET Call
CHIETABusiness Administration3,4,5Ronnie
INSETABusiness Administration Services3,4,5Tumi
SERVICES-SETABusiness Advising (Information Support)3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETABusiness Consulting Practice (Enterprise Resource Planning)3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETABusiness Practice &Business Advising Operations3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETABusiness Systems Operations: End User (ERP)3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
FASSETCertified Accounting Technician4,5,6FASSET Call
FASSETChartered Management Accountant4,5,6FASSET Call
CHIETAChemical Operations3,4,5Ronnie
HWSETAChild and Youth Care3,
CATHSSETACinema or Theatre Manager2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
FP&MSETAClothing manufacturing1,2,3Elizabeth Goncalves214 620
SERVICES-SETACommunity Development3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
LGSETACommunity-based Participation & Planning3Donovan Blaatjies114 568
FASSETCompany Secretarial and Governance4,5,6FASSET Call
INSETAContact Center and Business Process Outsourcing Support3,4,5Tumi
SERVICES-SETAContact Centre Management3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
INSETAContact Centre Operations3,4,5Tumi
INSETAContact Centre Operations3,4,5Tumi
SERVICES-SETAContact Centre Operations and Business Process3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CHIETAContact Centre Support3,4,5Ronnie
SERVICES-SETACustomer Management3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETACustomer Management3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
FASSETDebt Recovery4,5,6FASSET Call
SERVICES-SETADomestic Services3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CHIETADomestic Services3,4,5Ronnie
INSETAEarly Childhood Development3,4,5Tumi
CATHSSETAElectrical Engineering2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CATHSSETAEntertainment Technology2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CATHSSETAEquine Studies/Equine Practices2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CATHSSETAEvent and Technical Productions2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CATHSSETAEvent Planning; Film, Television and Entertainment Production2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CATHSSETAEvent Producer2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
AGRISETAFarm Management2.3.4Sello Khoza123 015
LGSETAFinancial management and viability3Donovan Blaatjies114 568
FASSETFinancial Markets Practitioner4,5,6FASSET Call
INSETAFinancial Planning3,4,5Tumi
CATHSSETAFitness Instructor2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
FASSETForensic Practitioner4,5,6FASSET Call
FP&MSETAForestry1,2,3Elizabeth Goncalves214 620
CATHSSETAFranchise Manager2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
SERVICES-SETAFranchising3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
TETAFreight forwarding2,3,4Sabelo Masuku115 777
CHIETAFreight Handling3,4,5Ronnie
SERVICES-SETAFundraising3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETAFuneral Services Practice3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
FP&MSETAFurniture Making1,2,3Elizabeth Goncalves214 620
CATHSSETAGaming Manager2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CATHSSETAGaming Operations2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CATHSSETAGaming Worker2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
FP&MSETAGeneral Forestry1,2,3Elizabeth Goncalves214 620
FASSETGeneral Internal Auditing4,5,6FASSET Call
SERVICES-SETAGeneral Management3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SASSETAGeneral Security
CATHSSETAGeneral Travel2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CATHSSETAGeneric Man; Business Administration2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
INSETAGeneric Management3,4,5Tumi
FASSETGovernance and Admin4,5,6FASSET Call
SERVICES-SETAGovernance and Administration3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CATHSSETAGreen Keeper /Horticulture/Turfgrass2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
SERVICES-SETAHairdressing3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETAHiring Services, Operations and Support3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETAHome-Care Practices3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CATHSSETAHospitality Betting Agency Manager2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CHIETAHuman Resources Management3,4,5Ronnie
INSETAHuman Resources Management3,4,5Tumi
PSETAHuman Resources Management and Dev4,5MorongoeNkabinde124 235
BANKSETAHuman Resources, Marketing, Financial Accounting3,4,5Paulette Bourne Executive Manager118 059
SERVICES-SETAHygiene and Cleaning Supervision3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CATHSSETAInbound Contact Centre Consultant2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CHIETAInformation Technology3,4,5Ronnie
INSETAInformation Technology3,4,5Tumi
MICTSETAInformation Technology Jabu Sibeko112 072
CATHSSETAJockey (Skill Level 3)2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
SERVICES-SETALabour Recruitment Services3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETALabour Relations Practice& Dispute Resolution3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CATHSSETALight Technician2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
FASSETLocal Government Accounting4,5,6FASSET Call
INSETALong Term Insurance3,4,5Tumi
SERVICES-SETAMail Handling & Mail Supervision3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETAManagement & Business Administration3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
LGSETAManagement & Leadership3Donovan Blaatjies114 568
FASSETManagement Accounting4,5,6FASSET Call
FASSETManagement and Administration4,5,6FASSET Call
SERVICES-SETAManagement and Administration3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CATHSSETAManagement Development2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
PSETAManagement Skills4,5MorongoeNkabinde124 235
CHIETAManufacturing Engineering3,4,5Ronnie
SERVICES-SETAMarketing Communication3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CHIETAMarketing Learnership3,4,5Ronnie
MICTSETAMedia Jabu Sibeko112 072
INSETAMedical Claims Assessing3,4,5Tumi
AGRISETAMixed Farming Systems2.3.4Sello Khoza123 015
SERVICES-SETAModelling3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CATHSSETAMultimedia Specialist2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CHIETANew Venture Creation3,4,5Ronnie
SERVICES-SETANew Venture Creation (SMME)3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
FASSETOccupational Certificate: Tax Professional4,5,6FASSET Call
INSETAOccupationally Directed Practitioner3,4,5Tumi
FASSETOffice Administration4,5,6FASSET Call
SERVICES-SETAOrganisational Transformation and Change Management3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETAOutsourcing Support3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETAPayroll Administration Services3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CHIETAPharmaceuticals Sales Rep, Pharmacist Assistant3,4,5Ronnie
HWSETAPharmacist Assistant3,
INSETAPharmacist Assistant3,4,5Tumi
HWSETAPhlebotomy Techniques3,
AGRISETAPlant Production2.3.4Sello Khoza123 015
CHIETAPlant Production3,4,5Ronnie
SERVICES-SETAPostal Frontline Service & Management3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
FASSETPractice4,5,6FASSET Call
CHIETAProduction Technology3,4,5Ronnie
PSETAProfessional & Technical Skills4,5MorongoeNkabinde124 235
FASSETProfessional Accountant in Business4,5,6FASSET Call
FASSETProfessional Accountant in Practice4,5,6FASSET Call
CHIETAProfessional Driving3,4,5Ronnie
TETAprofessional driving2,3,4Sabelo Masuku115 777
CATHSSETAProgramme/ Generic management qualification2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CHIETAProject Management3,4,5Ronnie
SERVICES-SETAProject Management &Project Support Service3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SASSETAPsychology and Therapy7,
PSETAPublic Admin :Procurement4,5MorongoeNkabinde124 235
PSETAPublic Admin: Supply Chain Management4,5MorongoeNkabinde124 235
SERVICES-SETAPublic Relations Practice3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
FASSETPublic Sector Accounting4,5,6FASSET Call
SERVICES-SETAQuality Management Systems3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETAReal Estate3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CATHSSETAReception Manager2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
INSETARetail Insurance3,4,5Tumi
W&RSETARetail Supervisors2, 3,4Mike Mokgomo136 901
INSETARetirement Fund Administrator3,4,5Tumi
INSETARetirement Fund Administrator3,4,5Tumi
TETAroad freight, logistics2,3,4Sabelo Masuku115 777
W&RSETASales Assistants2, 3,4Mike Mokgomo136 901
SERVICES-SETASalon Management3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
W&RSETAService Station Assistant2, 3,4Mike Mokgomo136 901
FP&MSETASilviculture1,2,3Elizabeth Goncalves214 620
FASSETSmall Business Financial Management4,5,6FASSET Call
SERVICES-SETASmall, Medium and Micro Enterprises3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
AGRISETASMMEs, Coops, Entrepreneurship4,5Sello Khoza123 015
HWSETASocial Auxiliary Work3,
SERVICES-SETASpecialist Hygiene and Cleaning Services3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CATHSSETASports Administration2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
CATHSSETAStage Management2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
SERVICES-SETAStrategic Management3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
PSETASupply Chain Management Skills4,5MorongoeNkabinde124 235
ETDPSETATeaching and Education4Nkhensani Mabunda(011) 372
FASSETTechnical Financial Accounting4,5,6FASSET Call
MICTSETATelecommunication Jabu Sibeko112 072
CATHSSETAThoroughbred Horse Raising2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
SERVICES-SETATrade Exhibition Support3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
SERVICES-SETATrade Exhibitions3,4,5Precious Nyaweni011 – 276
CATHSSETATravel Agency Manager2,3,4,5,6,7,8None provided  
INSETAWealth Management3,4,5Tumi
LGSETAWorkplace committee and training3Donovan Blaatjies114 568
LGSETAInfrastructure and Service Delivery3Donovan Blaatjies114 568

If you’re unemployed and looking for opportunity, don’t only look at the learnerships, use this list of available skills programs, contact the person responsible and find out if the SETA is looking for learners.

Check out our post on available apprenticeships and be sure to use the contact details posted if you wish to apply.

Planning to or busy studying and need financial assistance? See the list of allocated SETA Bursaries for 2016.

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