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Cover letters are intended to introduce the wonderful qualities about yourself that will make you a perfect match for the company. This does not always have to include relevant experience. 

Cover letters are often pain points for applicants who are unsure what to write.  A pain point is something that can make you uncomfortable and stressed.

Businesses have pain points too. They worry about selecting the right candidate to be trained to work with them.

  • Help them through this pain point by giving them excellent reasons to take you on.

Cover Letter Purpose

What your cover letter must communicate and how you can achieve it

A cover letter is your personal advert. Sell your skills and enthusiasm for the position. For advice on how to structure cover letters read Write Cover letters for Learnerships

But what if you lack experience?

The ‘No Experience’ Cover Letter

If the job or the company appeals to you, go for it! Even if you don’t get the job, the routine of preparing an application and trying to secure an interview is very good practice for you.

Two key rules for writing a cover letter when you have no experience:

  1. Understand the company and / or job
  2. Research the qualification, if the advert did not include a SAQA qualification ID then it is not really a learnership.

These rules are important even when you do have experience.

But when you don’t, if you fail to follow this rule you probably wont be selected. The interviewer will quickly see that you’re only there to take a chance and will believe you’re a dumbass and can offer you less. Read Talkpay

Communicate interest and commitment to the field that the learnership prepares you for.

Try this advice:

  • Explain why you want to learn and work with them
    • If the advert only states the qualification or learnership field – research that information and make comments about what interests you most (make sure it’s linked to what you will do on the learnership)
  • Express an interest in what the company does
    • If the advert mentions who the company will be, find their website and write two positive statements about what you discovered and were impressed by.
    • Research the job and it’s career path. Explain how the opportunity is relevant to your career goals.

Catch our video or the slide share to see what you can write in your cover letter.

On slide share

How to structure your cover letter and what should be communicated.

Always remember to research your qualification at www.saqa.org.za

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Internship Cover Letter Sample

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