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A great cover letter is meaningful and relevant to the opportunity you’re applying for and will help create a good impression. You don’t have to write much, you just need to clearly communicate your points so you can play the labour market game.

Cover Letter Tips

Only say what’s important to THEM – whoever is offering or recruiting for the opportunity. Use your cover letter to manipulate THEIR perceptions of you.

Communicate clearly so they see you as an organised person who plans and checks. Make sure there are no spelling errors and never lie to seal a deal.

The system is mean and will make you suffer.  Don’t provide information that could wreck your chances – unless they specifically ask a relevant question. If they don’t ask, it’s not your problem.

If you’re asked personal questions that you think are inappropriate, note them down along with your responses. If you don’t get the job, go to the Equity Court and state why you believe you were treated unfairly during the recruitment process.

Contact if you have problems.

It’s a game you must play

Always try to position yourself favourably and with honesty. Even if you don’t have everything they are looking for, make them want to meet you.

You proceed through the first round of the game by submitting an application correctly completed, a CV relevant to the opportunity advertised and a short, interesting cover letter spelling out why you’d be a great candidate.

Failure to do so, means you’ll be removed from the game, no call nor note yoh!

Throw the dice, see where it lands!

We said be honest. Don’t volunteer information that could count against you. Play the game.

Don’t tell them what you don’t have! Focus on what’s for sure!

Copy from our templates and adapt the text to suit your needs.


Many adverts withhold pay,even stipend information as it gives recruiters a negotiation advantage, allowing them to see who will accept low offers.


Apply to ads disclosing pay information.

If you are applying to an ad that doesn’t disclose pay information, you only need a short cover letter listing your qualifications (Matric, G10 etc.) and experience if you have any.

When you see an ad that discloses pay information, make an effort even if you think the pay is low. Organisations that are open about what they offer are more likely to treat you fairly when you work for them.

Youth in South Africa are being taken advantage of and exploited through learnerships, internships and apprenticeships.  Stipend pay is low so that when they qualify, their wage expectations remain low.

Companies can claim back each cent they spend on stipends yet they pay low.  Ensure you know what the stipend regulations are and try negotiate for more.

Cover Letter Templates For Ninjas

Take the advice provided in the articles and use each opportunity as one that you must compete HARD for.

Each article listed has information about cover letters or some aspect of the recruitment. No matter which field you want to work or study in, you can construct your killer cover letter by following Keep Climbing advice.

Cover Letter Templates for ZA!

Why apply in 50 words

Business Administration Learnership #coverletter

The article below is really useful if you need help finding the correct words to use for your cover letter:

Power Words for Your Cover Letter, CV and LinkedIn Profile

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