Illegal Kelly Recruitment: BANK SETA Learnership Ad

If you hire Kelly Recruitment like BANKSETA did, you’ll probably get burned! After repeatedly complaining about how a Kelly Recruitment learnership advert was unlawful, it was removed. It was replaced by an advert that included stipend amounts and qualification information in accordance with the Constitution and various regulations.

BANKSETA and Unlawful Kelly Recruitment Conduct

We’ve followed Kelly Recruitment for years and watched how they consistently obstruct human rights in labour markets. Their adverts are unlawful and Kelly Recruitment should pay a hefty penalty to society. Kelly Recruitment is scum. Please share this post with them. Kelly Recruitment is a crime ring that needs to be shut down. If this is untrue they would sue. Kelly Recruitment will never sue. They are too guilty.

Latest BANKSETA Posts:

Kelly Recruitment and BANKSETA Learnership Adverts Violated Constitutional Law

Kelly Recruitment is well known for obstructing justice and perpetuating labour market inequality. They appear proud of how they obstruct justice for workers. They have grown rich and powerful as a result of their criminal behaviour. Kelly recruitment cannot be trusted as they work to violate workers. If you are being recruited by Kelly Recruitment you should not expect the process to be a legal one.

Kelly Recruitment Obstructs Competition Law and The Constitution

BANKSETA Works Hand in Hand With Unlawful Kelly Recruitment

When the complaints first surfaced, BANKSETA moved so slow it appeared to be going backwards. They were slow to act on their unlawful advert placed by inequality henchmen, Kelly Recruitment.

We complained that the BANKSETA learnership advert designed by unlawful Kelly Recruitment violated human rights. The stipend amount and vital qualification information was omitted. This made the learnership advert legally unfair, not pro-poor and against the best interests of the public and society at large. The advert was then removed and replaced by another. Kelly offered facile excuses for their lack of professionalism and noncompliance with the values enshrined in our Constitution.

Kelly Recruitment is only fit to write on toilet paper because then at least their messages will eventually be ‘read’ by your correct orifice. Your happy brown eye.

Kelly Recruitment Adverts Must Include A Pay Range Or They Are Unlawful

BANKSETA Should Know Better: Kelly Recruitment Kills

The public must challenge the flouting of legislation when they see it. Kelly Recruitment has reverted to practices illustrating their defiance of S23.1 of the SA Constitution.  


BANKSETA indiscriminately uses social media to foist unfair recruitment practices on vulnerable youth.

They abuse positions of authority to perpetuate poverty and income inequality. They fail to ensure their sector conforms to the Constitution and accreditation standards.

BANKSETA allows recruitment adverts that:

Create an impression that BANKSETA delivers training. SETAs don’t train – and in this instance it’s a BANKSETA funded opportunity targeting 18.2 (unemployed applicants).

Are not pro-poor but are disempowering. They allow information regarding stipend to be omitted. They create an impression that recruiters will negotiate applicants down from whatever was actually budgeted.

They allow adverts targeting new market entrants that convey no career information assisting them with making an informed decision to apply. 

They don’t ensure accredited providers adhere to quality management principles during recruitment and permit them to ignore the values enshrined in our Constitution.

They allow adverts that impose prohibitive factors for vulnerable youth.

BANKSETA allows adverts that fail to display accreditation details and registered qualification information. How is the public to know that the recruitment adverts BANKSETA allows represent accredited training providers when everything else about their adverts is unlawful?

Using LinkedIn as a primary protest platform, these concerns were raised with:

  • Mabel Salamina
  • Lenyai Nobuhle Dlamini
  • Israel L. Noko (LL.B) (B-BBEE MDP) (CSAP)
  • Kelly
  • joe samuels
  • Lucas Malambe
  • Loffie Naude
  • Department of Higher Education and Training

I also tagged them in other posts, guess they were all hoping it would pass. 😉

Hats off to Israel, who in this instance represents BANKSETA, he kept his finger on the pulse, making this comment:

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will follow up on this.

It’s unfortunate SETAs don’t engage effectively with their stakeholders.

My response:

Leonie Hall :

Thanks Israel.

Tell BANKSETA it’s no use having policies for quality when they themselves don’t apply them consistently and fairly. When SETAs fail the public in this manner, the broken quality circle obstructs inclusive economic development.

SETAs are not by law allowed to be a training provider – so why is the BANKSETA’s identity stamped all over this recruitment drive as if it is?

Tell BANKSETA that this BS is misleading the public!

Kelly Faces Up


Hi Leonie, Kelly Management have reviewed your post.

We’d like to thank you for pointing out the issues with the online version of our learnership advert.

We have since compared it to the original newspaper advert, which is fully compliant, transparent and detailed, addressing all the issues that you raise.

The online ad was an abbreviated version of this, and would have directed applicants via a link to the application site containing the detail as required.

Please note that we are in the process of revising the online version to reflect the same detail and accuracy of information, and a revised online advert will go live as soon as its approved.

We hope this addresses your concerns, and should you require any additional detail in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.

#talkpay Agitation on LinkedIn Pays Off

When you criticise the business practice, results are seldom immediate. Consistency and a hard-line approach appear to be required for change.

Kelly was forced to comply with legislation.  Truworths can learn from this.

The public demonstrated the standards they expected.

Fair Transparent Ads: Kelly Recruitment is a Monkey Firm

Kelly Recruitment is monkey business. What’s BANKSETA doing in cahoots with a bastion of apartheid pounding the labour market? Pretty sick don’t you think?

It’s incredibly important that interventions targeting the youth are explicit about pay and career information. Full fucking stop.

Structure for Applicants

The advert we forced from Kelly provides clear instructions to candidates about what they must do to impress recruiters. Note ‘present a professional image’ how you look can count against you before you’ve said a word. Those are the types of fascist (shallow) standards BANKSETA and Kelly adhere to.

Conform to this requirement so that you can focus on selling your skills, personality and knowledge during the interview.

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