Truworths Responds to Unlawful Adverts: Most Weak Off-the-mark Now

Truworths Responds to Recruitment Violations. We asked Truworths why their recruitment does not conform to the Constitution of South Africa. Their learnership adverts subject youth to discriminatory negotiations. Truworths learnership adverts are not upfront about pay, preventing vulnerable applicants from making informed decisions regarding which opportunities they can afford to pursue.

Truworths Recruitment: How They Manipulate Job Seekers for Their Own Gain!


The Inside Story They Don’t Want You to Hear!

International fashion retailer, Truworths, reluctantly responded to inquiries regarding their job advertisements. Mark, the Divisional Director of Human Resources, defended the company’s practice of not disclosing salaries in their adverts.

Unfair Job Adverts Obstruct the Right to Fair Labour Practice

When confronted about unfair practices, they justify their actions by citing the behavior of others. That’s a weak defence.Their recruitment advertisements specifically target unemployed youth and new market entrants, utilizing strategies that are deemed unfair in the recruitment process.

These ads purposefully withhold information about pay, leaving vulnerable applicants unable to make well-informed decisions regarding the opportunities they can pursue. Could this deliberate vagueness be a calculated move to commit to as little as possible?

Upon questioning their need for a negotiation advantage over young and inexperienced applicants, the real motive behind the absence of stipends or salary ranges in their ads becomes clear. It becomes evident that they find it easier to exploit applicants and exert dominance during wage negotiations.

Confronting Truworths about job advert pay secrecy

Truworths argues if others do it they can do it too.

The real answer to ‘why are there no stipends or salary ranges in adverts?’

It’s easier to disadvantage applicants and dominate them during wage negotiations.

The Denial of Fair Labour Practice: A Breach of Equality and Justice

The Retailer reluctantly responds to complaints about their job adverts

On 6th July 2017, I came across Truworths advertisements specifically targeting a vulnerable population group – the youth.

Curious about the absence of pay disclosure in their ads (taking into account the public outcry following the R30 per day intern stipend incident in 2016, highlighted by Marie Claire), I raised the question on Truworths’ Facebook ad. To my dismay, my comment was swiftly removed, and they ignored my inquiry.

Not one to be deterred, I reached out to my connections at Truworths on LinkedIn, repeating my question. However, my efforts were met with continued ignorance, suggesting that they hoped I would eventually give up. It wasn’t until after six days of persistent pursuit that I received the following response.

Truworths Job Advert Response: Off the Constitution mark

cv and cover letter services

Dear Leonie,

Re: your request for clarity on our job advertisements

Truworths chooses to not disclose salaries with advertisements for employment opportunities so as not to inadvertently and prematurely exclude good candidates from positions based purely on their salary expectations.

Truworths offers market-related salaries and remunerates fairly based on the requirements of a role, the candidate’s qualifications, skills and experience. Furthermore candidates are welcome to discuss their salary expectations during the interview process.

We find your social media posts to be unnecessarily hostile toward Truworths, particularly given that advertising employment opportunities without a salary range is not an unusual practice in South Africa.

Truworths will not hesitate to defend itself against defamatory statements, and reserves all its legal rights.



Divisional Director : Human Resources

Mark’s Response: A Flawed Defense Undressed

They choose not to disclose salaries in adverts as the coerce talent into submitting to low-pay offers.

‘Truworths chooses to not disclose salaries in advertisements for employment opportunities so as not to inadvertently and prematurely exclude good candidates from positions based purely on their salary expectations.”

Big Daddy in the Labour Market? Off-the-Mark

According to Mark, applicants often decide against attending interviews if they know what Truworths is offering. He says they have the wrong salary expectations. As a result, they prefer you not to know so that they can tell you what the correct salary expectation should be when you attend the interview.

In other words, most of us are pretty stupid. We’re lucky to have Big Daddy Mark to set us straight.

You can tell Big Daddy Mark I say Fuck Off.

Truworths Job Adverts are Unlawful: Chew on the Constitution Truworths-Mark

They fail to respect that it’s an applicant’s right to decide if they want to, or can afford to take the position offered before investing their time and resources on an application process.

Furthermore, candidates are welcome to discuss their salary expectations during the interview process.

What an Ass. I am.

The Labour Market: Largest Contributor to Inequality

Do you believe that the ‘discussions’ during the interview process are fair?  See how Truworths salaries compare in the market, they are low.  Obviously, they have very good negotiators.

Am I the asshole for not believing that pay secrecy is good for us?

How does a new market entrant negotiate against such skilled professionals who adopt such Big Daddy condescension? Am I the asshole or is Mark a pompous ass?

Withholding information creates an atmosphere of distrust. Their response is an attempt to bully us into submission.

If you disagree, please do so below in the comments section.

Exposed: The Dirty Secrets They Don’t Advertise!

We find your social media posts to be unnecessarily hostile toward Truworths, particularly given that advertising employment opportunity without a salary range is not an unusual practice in South Africa.

Why did you ignore me? And remove my comment? You should have just answered timeously.

When it comes to them claiming my posts were hostile – they need to engage better on social media. No apology for hostility – they required it. They claim an environment where only their unchallenged opinion may prevail, this is in contravention of the Constitution. Citizens have the right to question industrial policy and practice.

‘Everyone else does it’ –  Mark, are you still in high school?! Lol! <Lacking in gumption.>

Truworths recruitment messes with us

Getting to an interview costs money. You have to prepare mentally, do research and find suitable clothes. Interviewing for a job is at a candidate’s expense.

During an interview, applicants are often offered salary/stipends that are prohibitive. They would not have attended the interview had they known they wouldn’t be able to accept the offer.

It’s not because youth want too much, it’s because they have so little

For example, a R30 daily stipend and an opportunity may indeed be wonderful, but only certain candidates, those with access to a support system – can accept the opportunity.

Our development model is skewed in favour of business that uses ‘development’ as a profit opportunity. They have the dubious honour of paying minimal amounts, if not less, and claim BEE points and tax rebates too. No one monitors the quality of the intervention and enforces standards and values befitting the Constitution.

Give Truworths a Lesson on Discrimination and Recruiter Interview Bias:

Truworths’ decision to withhold salary information can perpetuate discrimination and bias during the recruitment process. Research has shown that concealing salary details disproportionately affects certain groups, such as women and marginalized communities, who are more likely to negotiate lower wages due to systemic inequalities. As philosopher Simone de Beauvoir astutely observed, “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” By denying salary transparency, Truworths may perpetuate gender-based income disparities that exist within the fashion industry and beyond.

Recruitment is Income Inequality and Unfair Power Dynamics:

The fashion industry, known for its glaring income disparities, should strive to address and rectify such imbalances. By not disclosing salary ranges, Truworths perpetuates income inequality, as job seekers are left to negotiate blindly and potentially settle for less than their fair worth. As the legendary musician Bob Dylan poignantly sang, “How many times must the cannonballs fly before they’re forever banned?” The time has come for companies like Truworths to dismantle unfair power dynamics and ensure transparent and equitable compensation.

Ignorant of Constitutional Law and Youth Empowerment:

Truworths’ response fails to acknowledge the constitutional rights of job seekers, especially the youth. The South African Constitution explicitly guarantees the right to fair labour practices and equality. By denying upfront salary information, Truworths impedes the youths’ ability to make informed decisions and negotiate effectively. This infringes upon their autonomy and their right to participate fully in the economic and social fabric of society. As John Stuart Mill astutely observed, “The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursuing our own good in our own way.” Truworths must respect this fundamental right.

The Right to Upfront Decisions and Autonomy: Truworths Recruitment Big-Daddy-Big-Dunce

Job seekers deserve transparency and autonomy in making decisions about their career paths. Truworths’ tactic of withholding salary information obstructs this process and limits candidates’ agency. By emphasizing the importance of upfront decisions, we echo the sentiment of literary mastermind F. Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote, “For what it’s worth, it’s never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be.” Truworths should empower job seekers to chart their own paths rather than placing unnecessary barriers in their way.

Truworths Sews Inequality Seamlessly Into the Fabric of our Society

This post is just a buttonhole view that I’ve lovingly sewn together over time.

Truworths’ response, articulated by Mark, the Divisional Dickhead Director of Hack Human Resources, falls short in addressing the concerns raised about their job advertisements. The Truworths response has various flaws, including the perpetuation of discrimination and bias, exacerbation of income inequality, disregard for constitutional rights, and hindrance of upfront decisions and autonomy.

Truworths Recruitment Exposed: The Dirty Secrets They Don’t Advertise!

To build a fair and inclusive fashion industry, companies like Truworths must reflect upon these issues and adopt transparent practices that empower job seekers. As we move forward, let us heed the words of Mahatma Gandhi, who said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” It is time for Truworths to embrace this change and become a leader in the pursuit of a more just and equitable fashion industry.

Truworths, as an international fashion store, has the opportunity to resonate with industry professionals and fashion enthusiasts alike. By embracing transparency in their job advertisements, Truworths can set a positive example for the entire fashion industry.

Truworths Recruitment Secrets Revealed: What They Don’t Want You to Know!

As fashion icon Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

It is crucial to acknowledge that Truworths’ response is not representative of the entire fashion industry. Many forward-thinking companies have recognized the importance of salary transparency and the promotion of fair labour practices. By following in their footsteps, Truworths can align itself with the values of progress, inclusivity, and social responsibility.

Truworths Recruitment Uncovered: Is Your Dream Job Just a Mirage?

Furthermore, studies have shown that companies that prioritize fair compensation and transparency not only attract top talent but also foster a more engaged and productive workforce.

As fashion journalist and author Elizabeth Cline once wrote, “Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.” It is high time that Truworths acknowledges this truth and takes proactive steps to ensure fair compensation for all its employees.

Zip Your Lips Truworths: Put Pay in Your Job Adverts

By embracing salary transparency, Truworths can challenge the status quo and set a new standard for the fashion industry. Let us draw inspiration from the words of fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent, who famously said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” It is time for Truworths to adopt a style of fairness and transparency that will resonate throughout the fashion industry, empowering job seekers and promoting a more just and equitable future.

Questions to ponder:

  • Do applicants have the right to know pay information prior to attending an interview and the right to be prepared in advance?
  • Are job ads that withhold pay information in the public interest?

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