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Each time learners are paid, the Department of Labour requires that employers give them a pay slip containing certain details. Learners are welcome to register stipend complaints on Keep Climbing.

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act applies in respect of any matter not covered by Sectoral Determination 5: Learnerships.

Basic Guide to Learnership Pay Slips

 Content of Pay Slips

Employers must give learners the following information in writing when they are paid:

  1. Employer’s name and address
  2. Learner’s name and learnership
  3. Period for which payment is made
  4. Total salary or wages
  5. Any deductions
  6. The actual amount paid
  7. If relevant to the calculation of pay:
    • Learner’s pay and overtime rates
    • Number of ordinary and overtime hours worked
    • Number of hours worked on Sundays or public holidays
    • Total number of ordinary and overtime hours worked in the period of averaging, if an agreement to average working time has been concluded.


Learnership Regulations and Stipends – A barrier to the poor?

What Learners say about Learnership Stipends


Send copies of your contracts so we can check them for you. Here’s an example of how we expose bad practices thereby pressuring companies to change. We are watching Kwikspace with interest!

Kwikspace Modular Buildings Freaky Learner Payment Clause

Let’s check your Learnership Contract

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