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Applying for Learnerships: Be Successful Now

Applying for learnerships is a win for youth.

Applying for Learnerships: How to Succeed

This short boot camp for learnership applicants helps you cover all your bases.

Understand the learnership application process and have your documents ready.

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Use this article to prepare your learnership application documents. Get everything in order before starting to apply for learnerships.

Applying for learnerships: Documents Required

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When you apply for a learnership you need to have the following documents ready:

  1. South African identity document
  2. Matric certificate or last school report
  3. Current curriculum vitae (CV)
  4. A cover letter motivating why you should be accepted

Take these steps When Applying For learnerships

Nothing is stopping you from finding learnerships and applying for them today if you have all the documents ready!

STEP One: Plan and Research Before Applying For Learnerships

  1. Research the critical skills list to find out where job and study opportunities exist.
  2. Learnerships are industry based: this means you hold down a real job at a fully operational organisation.
  3. Plan your career path by considering your goals and opportunities. An opportunity is something that can help you make the most of your current situation, it’s not your marriage partner. If something is ‘right for now’ then it’s an opportunity. You can also use a strategy to attract opportunities by increasing your online visibility.
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STEP Two: Prepare documents before applying for learnerships

We have a range of cover letter templates for youth and professionals. Click this Cover letter link to view all of them.

Prepare different motivation letters for the different industries and qualifications you are interested in. Don’t send the same cover letter out each time as each one must show specific relevance to the opportunity on offer. A business administration learnership could be offered in any sector, your cover letter for the retail industry should be different to one for the hospitality sector.

STEP Two: Start applying for learnerships

  1. Look for adverts posted on social media and in newspapers.
  2. Do searches for the latest registered learnership qualifications. Copy the title of the qualification and the NQF level and search for it. Organisations that offer the qualification will pop up.
  3. Register for learnerships via the Department of Labour. We have posted the links and instructions on how to be successfully prepared for a selection process.
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STEP Four: Prepare for Learnership Interviews

Interviews will rightfully suck if you don’t prepare! We have a range of practical advice available posted for you on this site. We post interview questions and how to answer them.

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    Hi Melinda! We provide advice but don’t have anything to do with processing applications. Please read our advice for learnerships by clicking the link here: Best wishes for 2024!

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