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Find a SETA learnership or apprenticeship by using these contacts and following our practical advice.

Take these steps both to be found and to find diverse opportunities!

Find SETA a Learnership or Apprenticeship Using These Contacts

Look for SETA Learnership or Apprenticeship Opportunities in the Media

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Know what the learnership and apprenticeship qualifications are

Check out this list of currently registered learnerships and apprenticeships.

There is a pipeline of new qualifications being developed so there’s a lot of stuff to keep up to date with!

Search for a SETA Learnership or Apprenticeship

10 websites to find a SETA learnership or apprenticeship in South Africa:

  1. Careers Portal –
  2. Indeed –
  3. Puff and Pass –
  4. Career Wise –
  5. Learnerships SA –
  6. SA Learnerships –
  7. Youth Village –
  8. The Jobs Portal –
  9. Job Space –
  10. Careers24 –

Note that these websites may have different types of learnerships and apprenticeships, so it’s important to browse through them to find the best match for your interests and qualifications.

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Find a Learnership or Apprenticeship

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What Are SETA Learnerships and Apprenticeships?

Learnerships and apprenticeships are occupational training programmes preparing you for work.

Learn more about a learnership or apprenticeship and the advantages they bring.

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Example of a SETA Learnership:

An example of a program is an HWSETA nursing learnership.

During this program, participants receive both theoretical and practical training in nursing, such as patient care, medication management, and infection control.

The program usually lasts for 24 months, and participants must complete a set number of hours of practical work experience to qualify for certification.

At the end of the program, participants receive a recognized nursing qualification and may have increased employability in the healthcare industry.

Example of an Electrical Apprenticeship:

An example of an apprenticeship program is an electrical apprenticeship.

During this program, participants receive both theoretical and practical training in electrical installations, maintenance, and repair.

The program usually lasts for four years, and participants must complete a set number of hours of practical work experience to qualify for certification.

At the end of the program, participants receive a recognized trade qualification and may be employed as qualified electricians.

Finding Engineering Apprenticeships

Are you looking for an engineering related apprenticeship?

KeepClimbing has these awesome posts for you:

Register for SETA Learnerships or Apprenticeships

Contact the Relevant SETA

  1. Identify two or three qualifications you want to pursue
  2. Contact the relevant SETA (Sectoral Education and Training Authority).
  3. Ask to be put through to the Learnerships department (expect to be on hold for a long time. Don’t use your cell phone unless you have lots of airtime.)
  4. Ask them who’s recruiting for these learnerships. Also, remember that SETA websites can be very useful (when they update them!).

If you want to be placed on a programme, try the following three steps: (easiest option)

  1. Register as a learner with the Department of Labour
  2. Contact the HR department at a company you would like to work for. Ask if they have a learnership / apprenticeship program that you could apply for. Get the details and make it happen!
  3. Contact training companies directly for learnership opportunities. Check that they are accredited for the qualifications you are interested in.

Believe it or not, companies have opportunities but ofen lack the means to reach those people who could benefit. These companies receive BEE points and tax rebates when they create opportunities for your career development. So approach them directly! You have nothing to lose.

When you apply, please write using correct grammar and spelling! ;)

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Important Posts to Find a SETA Learnership or Apprenticeship

How to Register and Apply for SETA Learnerships via the Department of Labour

Occupational Qualifications Help Youth Learn About Jobs

Learnerships and apprenticeships are job training opportunities to help youth enter the labour market.

Here are lists of new QCTO occupational certificates

  • For those with little or no high school and limited if any work experience: NQF Level 1 and 2

We are always adding more updates so follow #KeepClimbing for the latest.

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