Tue, Jun 28, 2022

Learnerships target black youth, attracting them to sectors or specific jobs. Pay received is called a stipend, also referred to by us at Keep Climbing as a poverty trap.

The Department of Labour establishes minimum Learner pay

Companies can pay more than the minimum levels and can claim back all money paid to learners!

Most don’t pay more than R2 500 per month.

 Legislation sets minimum levels. Employers determine the final amount or maximum. They can pay you as MUCH as they choose or can afford.

Just as salaries range from employer to employer and from sector to sector – so do stipends. Understand how to negotiate during an interview in order to push for more.

Some learners earn the bare minimum because they accepted it and couldn’t or didn’t negotiate a rate based on their real expenses. These learners either have to leave the programme or accept what they signed up for and be professional about it.

Special Needs Learners

It’s fantastic to point out that there is special provision for learners with special needs.

Employers who take on special needs candidates must accommodate them so all their needs are met.

If someone is wheelchair bound, the company must ensure they have full access to amenities and are comfortable in the workplace areas they must operate in.

Special needs learners receive additional allowances for assistance such as a transport allowance as they may not be able to use conventional public transport.

In return, the employer receives more tax rebates.

Are you an employee or learner?


We are studying labour market contracts to look for unfair labour clauses and infringements on human rights.

Send us your employment or learnership contracts and assist in stopping continued exploitation and reduction of rights..


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