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Life as a Learner: UNISA Teacher Learnership. Here’s Justine’s story about being a learner.

Obtaining a Teaching Learnership: Life as a Learner

Okay, so please bear with me, this is my first time blogging so I’m still kind of new to all this.

My name’s Justine and I’m doing a Learnership.

life as a learner experiences

I am not a pro at English but I am here to share my experience about being on a learnership. (so again, bear with me) :)

I am a second-year student, studying through UNISA – got to have loads of discipline – and I am enjoying it.

Now I don’t go to lectures and all that. I am lucky enough to have scored a learnership job at a Boys’ Junior School in Cape Town.

I emailed a few schools and quickly learned which schools offer learnerships if you are interested in becoming a teacher.

I want to excite you all about the school I’m working at right now.

Life as a Learner: Cost of living

As you all know, study fees and the price of textbooks aren’t cheap at all.

But Wynberg Boys’ Junior School pay for everything for me.

Yes it’s huge pressure on me,  as I want to do well to impress them and show them that they are not wasting their money on me.

But now it’s not so bad, I feel more relaxed as I have learned to cope with studying through UNISA.

Wynberg is such a beautiful school, and I am so happy there and one nice thing about Wynberg, is that I get paid, which is great for a student.

apply for learnerships online: life as a learner

I get many questions from many people, like

are you sure you want to be doing a learnership?

Isn’t it better to be a classes?

Life as a Learner: Learnerships Inspire

Yes, sometimes I do agree with them, sometimes it is nice to go to classes, because there can be those days when sometimes you just don’t want to go (come on, admit it, you have all bunked lectures :))

BUT for me, I prefer to get the experience and learn from my mentor for the full 4 years that I have to study for this module :). I am getting to know and learn directly from my colleagues and the learners I deal with.

Life as a Learner is Challenging But Rewarding

I have to work hard, on a Learnership I don’t have the choice to not attend classes as I have to take care of my job.

That’s all I will say for now :)


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Great Life as a Learner on a UNISA Teacher Learnership