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Learning is Visionary

Learning is Visionary

My Belief: Learning should be grounded in a Personal Vision 

It’s best to learn when you acknowledge that it is linked to your future progress, a passion for a field, or a vision for something different to happen in your life.

It could be motivated by promotion,  or about boosting your sense of self worth, improving your job security, your ambition or because you’re being pressured! What ever the reason, if you cannot shape an improved vision for yourself, why would you be motivated to learn?

Learning spaces are among the most positive spaces you could ever find yourself in.

A training program that taps into aspirational value and includes an induction process that compels action and fuels passion is one that drives measurable success.

Induction programs an essential success factor

Training participants often arrive with false expectations or fears. The induction can assist both the training organisation and learners with a mutual vision and understanding of success. It’s a great idea for  trainers and learners to participate in a brainstorming session and create a vision for the program of study that everyone buys into and upholds.

It’s important to link learning to learner’s hopes and ambitions.


Motivation and Locus of Control

locus of control4We like active hands on sessions where learners have to physically reconstruct the learning space and route. We want people to write descriptive words, identify possibilities for themselves and rewrite the SAQA qualification in words that connect with them.

We talk about NQF scaffolding, about a qualification being structured like a stone wall and illustrate how the process of creating a post-it picture is the same as building positive interpersonal relationships.

Attempt to make abstract concepts tangible familiar realities to learners. Locus of control refers to how you perceive yourself in terms of being in control of your life. Are you an external locus of control person? It’s the world, other people who you blame for your struggles?

Or do you sometimes feel like a rebel, no matter what the world throws at you – you push on. You are in charge of your life, s### happens but that doesn’t hold you back for long. You have an internal locus of control. These are people who also typically don’t need a pat on the back when they have achieved. They derive self satisfaction from their accomplishments and will probably buy you a drink at the bar to unpack what they discovered during the process as opposed to asking you what they think of them.

We want to cultivate an internal locus of control in a learning space.

Key to Learnership Induction: What is My Purpose?learnership purpose

  1. I like to start with Purpose.  Your purpose, mutual purpose, the qualification purpose.
  2. We unpack structure – the qualification as a stone wall. Each stone is unique yet with similarities, so too is each unit standard.
  3. Each induction will offer something ‘unique yet similar’ – as a training provider or employer you need to understand this magic and tap into it.

We’re only giving you those 3 pointers for now because you can get the step by step guides from your SETA. We aim to serve you inspiration – because that’s our VISION! 🙂

And in conclusion, it’s the call for collaboration, to build organisational synergy. Please involve HR

Use HR’s understanding of motivation, people and change management  to assist with the construction of an induction process. Too often companies leave the entire process up to an outside training company that often simplifies it to SETA standards, then regularly complains to you about learner performance.

Induction: Freeing Passion and Accountability


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