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The Bogus Therapon University: Beware of Them Now

Therapon University, Team Impact and other unregistered bible colleges operating in South Africa are on the list of bogus institutions. Discover the truth behind Therapon University’s shocking accreditation scandal! DHET has revealed their bogus status, leaving students in disbelief.

Therapon University Listed as a Bogus Institution

bogus colleges: therapon university

Therapon University is bogus, according to the Department of Higher Education and Training in South Africa. This means that if you obtain a qualification from them it will be meaningless in South Africa. You might want to spend money studying at a credible institution.

Therapon University’s Physical Address:

US Virgin Islands Postal Address: PO Box 12330, St Thomas, VI 00801

US Virgin Islands Dominican Republic.

How Does Bogus Therapon University Operate in South Africa?

Therapon University operates through various bible schools in unequal South Africa where the poor can easily be taken advantage of. It’s possible that Therapon University tried to take a poorly informed financial shortcut. As a consultant, I’ve met many entrepreneurs who want to offer training but think that the cost of accreditation is too high. They look for bogus shortcuts to make it appear as if their training is worth more than it really is.

Accreditation doesn’t diminish any religious message, it adds value. Once accredited, the organisation has credibility as it conforms to recognised standards. Accreditation means staff are qualified and competent. It also means learners have fair assessment processes and channels to formally air grievances.

What Education Does Therapon University Offer?: Fake Qualifications

Therapon University falsely offers Diplomas, Undergraduate Degrees, Honours, Masters and PhDs in Theology and Christian Education. Degrees that are not recognised by any authorities usually have no industry status either. As a result, they offer no return on investment.

DHET Identifies Bogus Business Conduct: Therapon University and Team Impact

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First off, South African legislation currently prevents private higher education institutions from calling themselves ‘universities’. So the first sign that Therapon University was from Dodge City is that they refer to themselves as a university. Private higher education institutions in South Africa cannot adopt the term ‘university.’ (We are hoping this will change in the future and that private universities will be established.)

Students warned be watchful of Bogus Universities: Common Features and Behaviours

Students should be wary of the following kinds of behaviour from educational institutions:

Bogus Universities Make Unbelievable Promises

  • Consultants making big promises of jobs after graduation.
  • Consultants and websites that offer huge discounts and two degrees for the price of one.
  • Multiple degrees in one year: Diplomas and Degrees are offered in a short time making it possible to obtain many degrees in one year.
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Bogus Institutions Use Academic Terms Loosely: Nomenclatures

Use of nomenclatures
  • When we talk about someone’s education or training, we often use specific names or titles to describe their qualifications.
  • These titles are known as “nomenclatures”. For instance, a Bachelor of Commerce degree is not the same as a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management degree, even though both are related to business studies.
  • The difference between the two lies in the specific focus or specialization of the program. The use of nomenclatures helps to differentiate and specify the kind of qualification or degree a person has earned. For example, a Bachelor of Commerce degree is different from a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management degree.

Bogus Institutions Misrepresent Integrity

Official-looking bogus colleges use fake seals, crests and logos used by legitimate institutions such as the DHET, public universities and public colleges.

  • They make exaggerated and unsupported claims of accreditation to lend credibility to the college.
  • The names of colleges are similar or identical to those of prestigious universities such as Oxford University and Cambridge University.
  • They have local tuition centres claiming to offer “qualifications” on behalf of “foreign” and “international” universities.
  • The continued and undue emphasis on “international accreditation” and “international qualifications”.
  • They use dodgy application forms: they do not require your specific information or proof of formal schooling, identity documents, etc.
  • They have no physical address for the legal entity called the institution or the awarding body.

Should You Invest in a Qualification With Therapon University?

It’s up to you. But if I were you, I would only consider paying institutions if the service I’m paying for provides me with benefits. If it’s a degree, I want to know that I can get work or industry recognition if I provide a service. Consider MOOCs if money is an issue.

What if Therapon University is Offering Free Education?

In my humble bitch opinion, if their education is worth nothing then it should be free.

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Where can I find trustworthy free education in South Africa?

Please check SETA Websites. Each of the 21 SETAs offer apprenticeships, bursaries, internships and learnerships in a range of sectors. That is how the government is making an effort for youth to access free job training and enhance their employability.

Can I Claim a Refund from Therapon University?

who and what is a perpetrator

If a college is listed as bogus in South Africa, you are certainly advised to request a refund. Immediately!

In order to claim a refund from a bogus college, the DHET advises students to do the following:

  • Inform the Department and obtain written confirmation that the programme/college is not registered and the nature of the contravention.
  • Request the college principal for a refund, failing which you have to approach the courts.
  • For amounts up to R15 000.00, you can approach the Small Claims Court with a letter of confirmation from the Department.
  • For amounts above R15 000.00, you must engage an attorney. Students who cannot afford legal fees may approach Legal Aid South Africa at 0800 110 110.
  • For disputes on a contractual agreement, you must contact the Office of Consumer Affairs in your region or the office of the National Consumer Commission (NCC) at 012 761 3000 or
  • Inform the nearest Police Station, sign an affidavit, and open a case, if you wish noting that the Department will open a case on your behalf.
  • You will need to settle any dispute arising out of a contractual agreement in court.

A List of Bogus Religious Colleges in South Africa

If any listed organisations want to correct their accreditation issues they can message me and I’ll help.

Team Impact Christian University Accreditation: Listed as Bogus

A few local Bible Colleges are sharing an affiliation with Team Impact Christian University. It’s a shame they don’t invest in sorting their administration issues out. Without accreditation, their courses have no value in the market and fees are meaningless. You would need to ask yourself what you’re paying for and if the Team Impact Christian University experience is worth an investment.

Gauteng Bogus Colleges: Immanuel University of Theology South Africa

  1. Abidan Bybel “Collage” (Sic) College and University
  2. Anoited (Sic) University
  3. Alpha Bible College
  4. Awaken Training Institute on behalf of Team Impact Christian University
  5. Calvary Life Tutors
  6. Christian Life Training
  7. Christian Campus (The)
  8. Elkanah Bible College in association with Calvary
  9. Life Tutors and Calvary University
  10. Immanuel University of Theology International (Pty) Ltd with company registration number 2018/288825/07
  11. Impact Christian Campus
  12. International Theological Academy
  13. Jordan Institute of Mission and Ministerial Acts (J.I.M.M.A)
  14. Joy Ministries
  15. Joy Foundation (The) on behalf of Team Impact Christian University
  16. Salem Bible College on behalf of Team Impact Christian University
  17. University of Arabia
  18. Woburn Business School – Purports to offer degrees in conjunction with Aldersgate College and Amity University.
  19. Word in Action Ministries on behalf of Team Impact Christian University.

Mpumalanga Religious Bogus Colleges

  1. Back to the Bible Training College in association with Calvary University and Team Impact Christian University
  2. Gateway Church International on behalf of Team Impact Christian University
  3. Hebraic Teaching Roots Institute on behalf of Therapon University Mpumalanga
  4. Watchman University (Pty) Ltd

Kwa-Zulu Natal Bogus Bible Colleges

  • Durban Christian Centre Bible Institute KZN, Worldwide
  • Immanuel International Bible College

Bogus Bible Colleges and Universities in South Africa

  • Generation Impact Bible College Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • River Bible Institute East London
  • Trinity International Bible University Western Cape
  • Heritage of Faith Bible Institute South Africa USA , Botswana, Kenya, South Africa
  • Calvary University Worldwide through the internet only.
  • International University Worldwide but based in South Africa
  • Team Impact Christian University USA South Africa
  • Teamwork Bible College USA. Operates through various bible schools in South Africa

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FAQ: Therapon University

Q: What does it mean for Therapon University to be listed as bogus by DHET?

A: Being listed as bogus by DHET means that Therapon University is not accredited to offer higher education qualifications in South Africa. Their qualifications are not recognized by the government and may lack market value.

Q: Are students paying fees for services at Therapon University?

A: Yes, students at Therapon University do pay fees for the services they receive. However, it’s important to note that since their qualifications are not recognized, it may negatively impact their future career prospects and opportunities.

Q: Why are Therapon University’s qualifications unrecognised in South Africa?

A: Therapon University has not met the necessary requirements and quality assurance standards set by the government. As a result, their qualifications have not undergone the accreditation process and are deemed unrecognised in South Africa.

Q: Does the opposition against Therapon University imply bias against Christian institutions?

A: The opposition or criticism of Therapon University’s accreditation status is not necessarily indicative of bias against Christian institutions. Accreditation processes and quality assurance standards apply to educational institutions regardless of their religious affiliations. The focus may appear skewed towards Christian institutions simply because there may be a larger number of them compared to institutions of other faiths.

Q: How can I ensure that my qualifications are recognized in South Africa?

A: Pursue education from accredited institutions. Check the accreditation status of the institution you plan to attend and verify its recognition with the relevant regulatory bodies like DHET and SAQA.

Q: What should prospective students consider before enrolling in Therapon University?

A: Prospective students should carefully consider the accreditation status and market value of the qualifications offered by Therapon University. It’s important to assess the potential impact on your future career opportunities and make an informed decision based on recognized and respected educational institutions.

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