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CATHSSETA sectors face challenges of job instability combined with low-pay, long working hours and lack of clear career paths. The majority of employees within the sector are youth and many jobs in the sector are seen as transition jobs.

This could mean that those who have entrepreneur goals, not employment goals, can create opportunity. So if you’re an artist and business person, this may be a good sector for you. If you aim to find permanent employment as an artist, you may struggle.

Lottery, Gambling and Hospitality among CATHSSETA’s Sustainable Sectors

Certain industry sectors within CATHSSETA offer more opportunity than others. Hospitality and Gaming sectors make loads of money which results in more money available for development.

If you’re an artist, dancer, musician or other cultural worker, consider joining a co-op or starting one. As individuals you’ll struggle to secure limited funds for skills development.

The creative industries tend to rely on available talent as opposed to employing people full-time. For example events companies hire staff when an event is scheduled but employ limited full-time staff.

The descriptions of the sectors below will help you determine if you’re interested in pursuing opportunities here.


  1. Hospitality – representing accommodation services, food preparation, catering and food and beverage services, fast foods and restaurants.

    • The Hospitality (HOSP) sub-sector comprises hotels, motels, boatels and inns, guest houses and guest farms, bed and breakfasts, management and operation of game lodges, caravan parks & camping sites, restaurants and tearooms with or without liquor licenses, fast food establishments, take away restaurants, caterers and catering services, timesharing and bioscope cafes.
  2. Tourism and Travel Services – representing retail and general travel operations, inbound tourism services, airlines, car rental and event management, tourist guiding (including adventure guiding), hunting, trekking and safari operators.

  3. Gaming and Lotteries – representing casinos, bookmakers, lotteries, horse racing, Limited Payout Machine Industry and Bingo.

    • The Gaming and Lotteries (G&L) sub-sector consists of gambling, licensed casinos, the National Lottery, operation and management of horse racing events, clubs and academies, totalisators, bookmakers, limited payout machines (LPMs) and bingo operators.
  4. Conservation – representing all forms of environmental and wildlife conservation, botanical gardens and zoos.

    • The Conservation (CONS) sub-sector includes hunting & trapping, activities of conservation bodies, game parks, reserves, wild life parks, zoological establishments and botanical gardens as well as wildlife conservation.
  5. Sport, Recreation & Fitness – representing sports, recreation and fitness services, sporting event management, indoor and outdoor sports, sporting events and activities, parks and beaches, recreational fairs and shows.

    • The Sport, Recreation and Fitness (SRF) sub-sector includes sporting activities, sport federations, the operation and management of sporting facilities, clubs and sports academies, the promotion and management of sporting events and activities both motorised and non-motorised, amusement parks, recreational and cultural activities, operation & management of recreation parks, beaches, fairs, shows and facilities, and the operation and management of health & well-being centres including hydros, spas and fitness centres.
  6. Arts, Culture and Heritage – representing art producers, dramatic arts, craft designers, film, television, theatre, entertainment, music, art councils, museums and cultural heritage sites.

    • The Arts, Culture and Heritage (ACH) sub-sector consists of production of arts, crafts designer goods and souvenirs, casting for film, television and theatre, dramatic arts, entertainment, museum activities, monuments and the preservation of historical sites and buildings, management and operation of museums, cultural and heritage activities, music and theatre, as well as arts councils and their activities.

Art, Sport, Tourism and Gaming Careers : CATHSSETA

Arts, Tourism, Sports, Hospitality and Gaming Qualifications

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