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An interview is a competitive process. It’s important to prepare before you go into competition or you wont be taken seriously.

How much will I be paid?

Is this your only question? You should know how much you will be paid before the interview.

If you don’t, you should report the advertiser to the SETA and to DHET as they are not compliant with Section 23.1 of the South African Constitution: Everyone is entitled to fair labour practice.

Watch Keep Climbing’s short clip on way cool questions to ask at an interview and make your competition look like they’re still in 2016.

Sure you should know what the pay and perks are – but that should be the last thing you ask if the interviewer is sloppy enough not to state it themselves. In fact, you have a right to know pay scales before you even attend the interview.

What to really Ask your Interviewer

Asking your interviewer thoughtful questions will show that you took the time to prepare and present yourself as a serious contender for the position.

If you’re the kind of person who prepares for an interview, they’ll assume that you’ll be as careful and considerate in a job.

What to ask when you are interviewed for a job

It’s a good idea to prepare a few questions as most good interviewers will invite you to ask them at the end of an interview.
Prepare questions to ask because

  • it shows maturity
  • that you are carefully considering the position and
  • have a genuine interest in the opportunity.

Feel Like a Winner and Select Your Questions

Nail your interviews

Attitude beats Experience in Interviews

Top Interview Question

What to do at the Learnership Interview

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