8 Questions for Recruiters at Job Interviews: Video

Video The Best Questions for Recruiters at a Job Interview. A job interview is part of a competitive process. It’s important to prepare before you go into an interview or you won’t be taken seriously. Watch our video on Eight Questions Applicants Can Ask Recruiters.

8 Questions for Recruiters at a Job Interview: How much will I be paid?

Let’s start off with the question we should all be asking together! 🙂

Truth is this is a critically important question. If you’re preparing for an interview and you don’t have any idea about pay, you really need to do some work!

Questions for Recruiters at a Job Interview: Here are some points to consider

  • Agonising about pay is not your job, researching pay is.
  • Applicants are entitled to know how much they will be paid before attending an interview. If you must ask, you can’t trust the employer, and asking will turn you into a target. A trustworthy employer is one who is upfront about pay. Pay secrecy is a load of human rights-violating bullshit.
  • If you’ve applied and don’t know the pay, you can report the advertiser to the South African Human Rights Commission as they are not compliant with Section 23.1 of the South African Constitution: Everyone is entitled to fair labour practice.

Let’s move on to the topic of preparing your questions for a recruiter and prospective employment.

Applicant Questions for the Employer: Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

Watch Keep Climbing’s short clip on way cool questions to ask at an interview and make your competition look like they’re still in 2016.

Asking your interviewer thoughtful questions will show that you took the time to prepare and present yourself as a serious contender for the position.

If you’re the kind of person who prepares for an interview, they’ll assume that you’ll be as careful and considerate in a job.

What Questions to Ask an Interviewer: Questions for Recruiters at a Job Interview

It’s a good idea to prepare a few questions as most good interviewers will invite you to ask them at the end of an interview.
Prepare questions to ask because

  • it shows maturity
  • that you are carefully considering the position and
  • you have a genuine interest in the opportunity.

Feel Like a Winner and Select Your Questions for Recruiters at a Job Interview!

Nail your interviews

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