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The Learnership Interview Video: What to do

This learnership interview video will help you prepare for the selection experience.

Video: Prepare for a Learnership Interview

Press play for the best learnership interview tips!

Watch this video to prepare for your learnership interview


Getting Ready for Your Learnership Interview

First off, well done! Your learnership application made it through the first round of selection and now you’re preparing for your interview! Kudos! That’s exciting and liberating!

You must savour this victory as appreciating it will place you in the right mindset for your interview. An interview begins with you graciously thanking them for the time.

Be Competitive About Your Learnership Interview

You are competing against many other hopeful learnership candidates. You must be prepared!

Before a learnership interview, you should

  1. Research the learnership qualification. Decide if you have an interest in the skills and knowledge that will be taught.
  2. Research the industry or industries you will be able to find work in as a result of the qualification. Decide if you are interested in the field.
  3. Evaluate your future job prospects and if you need to study further. How does this learnership fit into your career plan?
  4. Research the company. Find out as much information as you can about them to decide why you want this opportunity there.
  5. Prepare answers to common learnership interview questions.

During a learnership interview, you should

  1. Dress professionally and arrive on time
  2. Greet the interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake
  3. Show enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  4. Listen carefully to the questions being asked and answer them clearly and concisely
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the learnership program and the company
  6. Ask thoughtful questions to show your interest in the opportunity
  7. Remain calm and composed, even if faced with difficult questions
  8. Express gratitude for the opportunity to interview and follow up with a thank-you note after the interview.

Learnerships are Valuable Experiences

A candidate enrolled on a learnership can earn a qualification without paying for it, while in the workplace. It’s a great opportunity and for many, it’s the only opportunity some will ever have to study and become qualified while gaining extremely valuable work experience.

A qualification earned on a learnership is recognised in the industry and is based on international standards that are relevant to South Africa. Learnerships provide great opportunities for the employed and unemployed alike. If you are employed and under 35 years old, speak to your boss about being registered on a learnership. Many companies are actively encouraging employees to become learners as it’s a dynamic way to earn BEE points and access tax rebates.

Learnerships are a great investment for a company and you would be showing them that you are focused on a future where you do more and do better.

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