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Explaining why you want to be on this learnership in 50 words‘ has become a popular question for applicants. If you’re a university or college graduate, try the following suggestions when applying.

Why do you want this Learnership?

While you may be qualified, you’re probably lacking experience.

When you apply, refer to the qualification and work experience you WANT to gain. They are looking for responses defining your specific purpose for applying.

If you convey a message that another qualification isn’t actually what you need, especially one at NQFL4 or 5, you won’t get in! 🙁

To answer why you want this learnership:

  1. know the qualification you will obtain once the programme is completed. Learnerships are qualifications, they are not internships.
  2. understand the career the learnership work experience will prepare you for.

Below are examples of what you could say, see our other cover letter templates for more ideas. Edit and change the examples to suit yourself, don’t simply copy. If you don’t adapt it, you could end up being embarrassed if 10 other applicants do the same!

A university or college graduate applying for a learnership

Many employers want to gain qualified youth at low rates, learnerships provide a way for them to do this. Employers receive massive rewards when they place black youth on learnerships, yet these same youth suffer and are exploited.

Cover Letter Suggestions

If you’re a graduate and need to apply for a learnership, try these ideas:

  • My degree has provided knowledge, but I recognise the need for a qualification developing practical workplace skills. I believe this opportunity will help me develop the confidence I need as a professional and the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills to make a meaningful contribution.
  • I successfully achieved a degree and am committed to further learning. The practical workplace skills this learnership will provide can help me acquire relevant skills for future employment.

For more advice on what to say, read our cover letters, good luck!!! 🙂



How to answer ‘Explain why You’re Applying in 50 words’

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