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This Video About NQF Levels simplifies the big meaning of The National Qualifications Framework. The NQF aims to foster an inclusive and accessible education and training system. Education heps you make it to the big time!

There are 10 National Qualification Framework Levels

nqf level 6 qualifications

All qualifications and part qualifications are registered on the NQF.

The NQF Levels Are Easy to Understand

Picture a ladder with 10 steps numbered 1 to 10.

Each Step Is An NQF Level 1-10

Each qualification or part qualification you obtain is a step up or sideways.

NQF Learning Leads to Career Paths

Now imagine that each job you know of has a ladder, also with 10 steps. This is called a career path. It’s true that some jobs don’t require as many as 10 steps. Many labour-intensive or menial jobs require the least bit of education. But this is also slowly changing and the poor become increasingly limited.

Perhaps you started working as a waiter, then became the restaurant cashier, then the manager and then an owner. Not all career paths go all the way to level 10.

The NQF Levels organise qualifications in the same way

Matric takes you to NQF Level 4. As you study, you move up the ladder. The further up the ladder you progress, the fewer qualifications there are.

Watch this video to find out why Leonie refers to the NQF as scaffolding and not just a series of ladders.

The NQF Levels Create a Scaffold: Shuffle Sideways

You can repeat an NQF level of training many times. For example, you can do as many NQF Level 5 qualifications as you like. This means you’re expanding your range of skills sideways instead of upwards. Feel free to do this in order to elegantly combine completely different fields and skill sets.

Which NQF level are you on?

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The Best Video About NQF Levels: Keep Climbing Start Now!