Mon, Aug 8, 2022

There are 10 National Qualification Framework Levels

Picture a ladder with 10 steps numbered 1 to 10.

Now imagine that each job you know of has a ladder, also with 10 steps. This is called a career path. Perhaps you started working as a waiter, then became the restaurant cashier, then the manager and then an owner. Not all career paths go all the way to level 10.

The NQF organises qualifications in the same way.

Matric takes you to NQF Level 4. As you study further you progress up the ladder. The further up the ladder you progress, the fewer qualifications there are.

Watch this video to find out why I refer to the NQF as scaffolding, and not just a series of ladders.


NQF levels National Qualifications Framework Leonie Hall

Which level are you on?

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