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Understanding NQF levels can be so confusing! Here’s help on working out how many credits you currently have if you’ve just left school and the training opportunities you can pursue.

Searching study and employment opportunities.

Didn’t finish high school?

The Number 1 solution is

Go back to school yo!

Think like a rich kids parents. Would a rich parent let their kid drop out of school once grade 9 is completed? Come on!

If you’re a kid, protect yourself by making education your main goal. If you’re a parent and can’t afford to support your child’s learning, please find help.

Each child deserves the same opportunities and protections as those from wealthy parents. If you’re not wealthy but parents / caregivers and child commit to making education the goal – a solution is more likely to emerge.

Children who are orphans are possibly most vulnerable in an education system when grade 9 becomes an exit point.

If you’re an orphan, or work at a children’s home, please make contact with Keep Climbing. We’d like to follow this journey in order to learn how to assist those impacted.

Many children and their families struggle for education.

If a child isn’t interested in school or there are other issues and school isn’t an option, let’s try find alternatives!

Keep Climbing provides information to youth and parents; when and where possible, we defend youth interests when their rights are violated.

If finances are an issue, families can consider their entrepreneurial opportunities. Children who are given an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial characteristics increase their chances of becoming self sufficient. Car washing, gardening services, cake sales and teaching technology skills (cell phones etc) are examples of income generating skills youth can add to their CV’s.

Selling is a highly respected market skill.

The sooner a child learns these skills, the more value they can offer and more effectively compete in the market space.

We’d also like to suggest part-time work but as unemployment levels are extremely high and wages low, we prefer recommending independent enterprise driven solutions for children and their families.

The Education Goal


Who or what facts do you already know about the work you want to do? Think about how you can use whatever you know to your advantage.

If you dropped out of high school, establish what you can be credited for.

Credit Accumulation Transfer (CAT)

Below is a table listing how you can work out your credits:

The brutal truth is that if you leave at the end of Grade 9, you only have 1 credit – for Literacy 1. You don’t have to be smart to see that if you’re poor, leaving at the end of Grade 9 will probably ensure that you will remain poor for the rest of your life.

If you don’t want to be educated for work, you must look at earning your own income instead of looking for jobs or you be exploited forever as a result of your lack of education.

Which NQF levels to apply for?

If you completed Grade 10, you only have NQF L2 credits: apply for NQF level 2 and 3 opportunities.

If you completed Grade 11: apply for NQF Level 3 possibly 4

If you completed Grade 12 with maths and a first and second language, apply for NQF Level 4 learnerships or apprenticeships. Your credits will advantage you.

If you completed Grade 12 but don’t have those credits, you are more likely to be accepted on an NQF Level 3 programme.

Special note:

  • Many employers and training providers want NQF L4 applicants to have Matric in place. This is because a job based (occupational) NQL4 qualification can be very demanding if you don’t already have Matric.
  • If you qualify for Language and Maths credits, the employer’s training costs and your time commitment can be reduced.

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