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Planning your future is scary when the options seem few or very mysterious! Here are a few tips for enthusiastic youth who want to qualify but may not have the funds. If you’re still in school, use this advice to find someone who can make a difference in your life and help you reach your dreams.

Are Qualifications Important?

They are, but so is attitude! Don’t let money stand in your way.


Youth shouldn’t have to worry about their future prospects and where the money will from to get them started correctly.

Money, let’s face it, is hard to get.

What’s not so hard to find is an adult who could be charmed into assisting you on your way.

No Money To Study?

Bursaries and scholarships can help help you if your marks are fantastic. Choose your subject packages carefully in Grade 10, but no matter what you choose, be prepared to move your marks as high as possible.

Contact your ward Councillor (the person elected by the community to represent them).

If you are in Grade 10, ask if you can be an intern during your holidays. You want to build a relationship with them.

Adults love youth who admire them, so charm them so they help you fulfill your dreams.  🙂

Don’t contact them simply to ask if they have bursaries. They probably won’t! But if you get a relationship started in G10, by the time you’re in G12, you’ll have given them a million reasons to want to assist you.

Councillors have access to businesses, NGOs and many people who would be willing to help someone referred by them. 

If you have parents employed by large companies, research these firms and check on their CSI programmes.

(CSI: Corporate Social Investment)

Request a meeting with the person in charge. Ask to be their intern, show your latest report, ask the CSI manager to be your mentor. Remember you are there to start building a relationship with an adult who can hopefully help  you on the journey towards your dreams.

If you are in Grade 12, follow the same advice and quickly establish relationships with adults who could help you.

Learn and Earn

Learnerships and Apprenticeships are study opportunities for those who are interested in occupational (job / sector specific) qualifications.

Youth have two options

Find private or public TVET colleges that offer learnerships and apprenticeships in the fields you’re interested in.

Learnerships and apprenticeships are coordinated by SETAs.

SETAs accredit training providers to offer these qualifications in partnership with businesses. These businesses receive BEE Points and tax rebates for offering these opportunities but they often exploit the youth and pay them extremely badly.

Youth are advised to complete learnerships and apprenticeships at private colleges who can provide both the training and work experience. It’s better to earn low or even nothing to be at a college, rather than exploited at a business.

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