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Credit Accumulation Transfer (CAT)

CAT is the acronym for “Credit Accumulation Transfer”, and is based on a model developed by SAQA that is used to determine how CAT (Credit Award Transfer) can be implemented to recognise school / FET qualifications and sector qualifications.

This ensures that learners don’t repeat the exercise of learning something they already know. The positive knock-on effect is that:

  1. the cost of learning can be reduced as a learner only has to pay for components they require
  2. training time is reduced
  3. the programme can focus on core and specialisation outcomes

It should be noted that, given an under-resourced school system in our country and bell curve challenges, many learners could benefit from doing the maths and language components of a qualification even though they could be credited for it.

Numeracy and Literacy Credits

The table below illustrates when a candidate can be credited for Literacy and Numeracy.

In the first line, a candidate who completed Grade 12 with Maths can be credited on any programme from level 1 – 4.


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