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How The Wholesale and Retail SETA Obstructs Youth Now

How The Wholesale and Retail SETA Violates Fair Labour Practices. W&R SETA fails legislation and the public by straying from legislation and failing to monitor industry stakeholders or engaging when the public raises concerns. We draw attention to how the W&R SETA neglects their duty and fails to perform in accordance with the Constitution.

Open letter to the W&R SETA: The Wholesale Retail SETA Violates Human Rights

retail application cover letter and cv

W&R SETA has defective leadership when it condones practices that exploit and victimise the youth and vulnerable. 

Workers in the wholesale and retail sectors have a right to fair labour practices

However, the Wholesale and Retail SETA seems to think otherwise as they condone unfair labour practices amongst their funded stakeholders such as Truworths.

Ask Why The Wholesale and Retail SETA Marginalizes Youth Rights

The Public Has a Right to Ask Why The Wholesale and Retail SETA Condones Youth Human Rights Marginalisation.

Dear Wholesale and Retail SETA

It’s been noted that in your sector:

  1. Employers and their contracted recruiters publish learnership recruitment adverts withholding stipend information
  2. Wholesale and Retail SETA does not impose adherence to skills development accreditation quality standards in the wholesale and retail sector.

Wholesale and Retail Learnership Adverts and Obscure Compensation

Withholding information is an unfair information advantage. It makes learnership applicants poorer than they were before they applied for a position they cannot afford to take.

People don’t only apply only for the sake of money. However, applicants must decide which opportunities are worth pursuing. Why are applicants denied this right when they must carry the cost burden of attending an interview?

do learnerships succeed?

How The Wholesale and Retail SETA Violates Our Youth

Learnerships were originally conceived as pro-poor economic development interventions that create access to further education and training and job exposure for the poor. Why does W&R SETA allow learnerships to be used as cheap employment opportunities for firms? Is Wholesale and Retail SETA achieving success at the expense of our poor and the youth?

Most youth, in particular, will accept low offers to gain experience and to learn. But does Wholesale and Retail SETA permit firms to exploit this via learnerhips? It sure does seem like they condone it.

Read how we succeeded in lobbying BANKSETA and Kelly Recruitment to recall, revise and republish their original anti-poor learnership advert 

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People Suffer When W&R SETA Accreditation Standards are Low and Subjective

The W&R SETA requires that accredited providers submit recruitment policies. Why is there no standard ensuring the provision of the following information in their learnership adverts?:

  1. Name of qualification
  2. Entry criteria
  3. Name of accredited provider
  4. Accredited provider’s registration number
  5. Stipend amount
  6. Career paths that the qualification and experience will prepare learners for

These demarcated standards would ensure better protection of the public and that firms operate and deliver within the confines of SAQA policy, the Constitution and labour legislation.

Job applicants must invest in their appearance, transport and have an available communication device (telephone / internet access). The process of pursuing and attending interviews comes at great personal cost. Air time, shampoo, shoes – believe it or not, when you’ve never been employed and have no parental support, these are luxury items. 

How The Wholesale and Retail SETA Violates Fair Recruitment

Submit A Review of the Truworths ‘Learnership’ Advert W&RSETA

Submitted for W&R SETA review is the following learnership recruitment advert promoted on LinkedIn. Truworths uses social media platforms to promote their ‘learnerships‘ but fails to respond to questions interrogating their offers. Kindly respond as the quality assurance body and explain why you are sharing and promoting this advert on Facebook.

Just how low does your incompetence stoop?

Kindly answer the following, W&R:

  1. Is Truworths an Accredited Training Provider, if not, what gives Truworths the right to place this ad?
  2. Tell us why this is an advert for a learnership and not a job?
  3. If it’s a learnership, why are there no qualification entry criteria and which NQF Level is the qualification on? Why do you not have this as a standard within the accreditation criteria? 
  4. There is no qualification achievement mentioned – is this an acceptable W&R SETA standard? If so, how is the public to determine when the offer is legitimate or a scam? 
  5. The remuneration description does not conform to ‘stipend’ norms – does the W&R SETA condone a firm that makes compensation this vague for new market entrants?:

Reward strategies are aimed at attracting, motivating and retaining employees and at promoting a sustainable high performance culture within the business. Remuneration practices are closely linked to the Group’s business philosophy, purpose, values  and vision and to the achievement of Group, team and individual performance objectives.

Truworths is committed to transformation and meeting objectives of the Employment Equity Act. Meeting our employment equity goals and targets will be taken into account in our recruitment decisions.

Favourable consideration will be given to people living with disabilities.

The Department of Higher Education and Training has repeated warnings to the public to check training provider credentials, how is the public to check credentials when none are displayed?

Answer, W&R SETA! We want to know!

This Truworths Learnership Advert Obstructs the Constitution

Job Title: Learnership Store Consultant

Location: Cape Town, ZA

Organization Name: SDA Truworths

The Truworths Company Description is Corporate Bullshit

GET TO KNOW US (I did, Truworths sucks)

Truworths aims to be recognized as an employer of choice in fashion retailing and continues to invest in its people to ensure sustainable performance and business continuity. The Group’s values define the way in which management interacts with employees and guide human resource practices.

These values are incorporated into everyday working life at Truworths, from recruitment to training and development, employee relations, and recognition programs. Regular performance appraisals measure performance against goals and monitor employees’ adherence to these values. Truworths provides a dynamic business environment where staff is constantly challenged to reinvent the way they do business, staying at the forefront of the South African fashion industry.

Take a walk through our stores or offices, and you’ll encounter an infectious love of fashion and a tangible will to succeed among the people who make up our business. Our vision for our employees is, ‘I am totally committed to Truworths because I am always encouraged to offer innovative ideas contributing to the ultimate purpose of Truworths.’

In the words of our CEO, Michael Mark, “The theme is simple… it’s all about fashion. This straightforward concept is a powerful reminder of what Truworths is all about – fashion.” (Annual Financial Statement)

Brief Description

The successful candidate will be placed on a 12-month Learnership Program in a Truworths store. They are expected to work within the trading hours of the store, including weekends.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist customers
  • Merchandising
  • Payments and purchases on the POS system
  • Opening new accounts
  • Maintaining or controlling stock losses
  • Customer feedback
  • Building quality relationships with customers
  • Commitment to the Learnership Program

Troworths Requirements

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Customer service orientated
  • Willingness to learn
  • Commitment.

Truworths Remuneration: A Purposelly Vague Statement About Pay Information

Reward strategies are aimed at attracting, motivating, and retaining employees, promoting a sustainable high-performance culture. Remuneration practices are closely linked to the Group’s business philosophy, purpose, values, and vision, as well as the achievement of Group, team, and individual performance objectives. Truworths is committed to transformation and meeting the objectives of the Employment Equity Act. Consideration will be given to people living with disabilities.

Professional Area: Store Operations

Bullying Firms Refuse to Respond Publicly: How The Wholesale Retail SETA Violates and Condones Crimes

Below is the post shared on LinkedIn to promote the advertised learnership. When Truworths advertised a similar position earlier this year, I questioned the lack of stipend information. They offered no apology for ignoring the questions for 6 days and when they eventually responded, it was to email a threat and forbid further questioning.

It appears that this is the standard Truworths way, questions regarding the legitimacy of their adverts are not allowed and can result in legal action.

wholesale and retail seta truworths learnership adverts

W&R SETA, DHET and Truworths should understand that I will not be silenced or dumbed down. Do things correctly or we ARE on opposite sides of the fight against poverty and exploitation and I will continue drawing attention to questionable behaviors, practices and attitudes perpetuated by you.

Does the W&R SETA support the stance that firms do not have to be held accountable to the public and the skills development community when advertising and promoting learnerships?

And even if you do, the public has a right to ask questions and demand answers from each of you.

W&R SETA, DHET you are welcome to contact me but I’m tired of chasing after salaried asses. I’m not paid to raise these issues and teach you, respect my time and the fact that I’m furious at the lack of protection for the public and the trivialization and vilification of our legislation. Pasopa! 

Let’s get it together W&R SETA!


Leonie Hall – pro-poor agitator

Leonie Hall

Leonie Hall, disruptive thinker and dynamic strategist, is an expert in education, development, quality management and innovation. She has spoken at local and international conferences; and currently works as an independent consultant and content developer. Contact Leonie for a consultation.

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