You are currently viewing Illegal SETA Learnerships: How Many Out There?

Illegal SETA Learnerships: How Many Out There?

Illegal SETA Learnerships.

Illegal SETA Learnerships: Know The Learnership Contract Basics

Copies of unlawful or fake Learnership contracts arrive at KeepClimbing. We treat all submissions in the strictest of confidence.

learnership regulations: illegal seta learnerships

Illegal SETA learnerships involve contracts that breach regulations. For example, such as fraudulent agreements, non-compliance with SETA rules, or exploitation of learners. This undermines the intended skills development purpose and therefore leads to legal consequences for both employers and learners.

Three parties must sign Learnership contracts:

  1.  Learner
  2. SETA-accredited training  provider
  3. Employer

Therefore if there is no SETA-accredited provider you are not on a legal learnership. Then complete our complaints form immediately.

pregnant on a learnership

Illegal SETA Learnerships Tell Learners They Must Pay to Leave

Learners don’t pay employers ANY money at ANY time.

If employers or providers make financial claims against you saying that if you leave you must pay back the money – fight back.

It is illegal to place an unemployed individual into a system that could make them poorer than they were when they signed up. Therefore learners recruited as unemployed candidates have protection. As a result, they cannot be forced to pay learnership fees.

Therefore these companies are operating illegally, probably to abuse youth for tax cuts and BEE points. Even if learners leave – these corrupt employers still get benefits from the learners.

Illegal SETA Learnerships Tell Learners to be Untruthful


Compulsory Work Experience is Logged and Signed by Management

If you are not working for the employer and attending classes then your learnership is illegal.

This is because learnerships take place in a work environment. Therefore they are not purely class-based. Learnerships are FULL-TIME programmes.

Learner log books must be signed off by their supervisors and managers. However, some learners are tricked into committing fraud for companies and training providers. They must NOT sign each other’s log books and misrepresent the employer and their practical work experience requirement.

Unfair Dismissals at Learnerships

ccma affidavit: illegal seta learnerships

Employers often treat learners with disrespect and scorn. But the Constitution protects our dignity. Employers love to chase us away like dogs, right? Learn to stand your ground.

If you believe you were unfairly dismissed then complete the complaints form TODAY! Keep Climbing and learners can bring the magic back into learnerships.

Learnerships are brilliant. But the Department of Higher Education and Training, the Department of Labour and the SETAs fail to prioritize the interests of our youth.

Complaints received

In some cases, employers force learners to falsify documents and commit fraud. In others, employers illegally claim money from learners or unfairly dismiss them for minor offenses.

Even if you have no complaint about your learnership provider, send a copy of your contract so we can check it’s legal.  Make sure you make a copy of your learnership contract as many employers and training providers appear to not issue copies themselves.

learnership complaint letter

So How Many Illegal SETA Learnerships Are Out There?

SETAs must read Learnership contracts to establish legality, they don’t do this now. In addition, the regulatory system doesn’t include learners in any administrative tasks. For example, imagine if the government ran a campaign for all learners to apply for a unique learnership identity number. Then tracking and inspecting learnerships and learners is possible.

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Leonie Hall

    Contact the DHET and the relevant SETA to log a complaint and query.

  2. Leonie Hall

    If Milzet didn’t attend the hearing then the case should have been awarded to you. Where is this issue now?

  3. Shaun

    Iam having problem we entered to learnership of 12 months with milzet but my concern is that they terminated our contract without valid reason we have report matter to the labour but they don’t attend court case

  4. Weja Weja

    Hi i done my learnership 2018 i didn’t get my certificate until now i don’t know what must i go to, i need help please.

  5. Hi Leonie

    Hope you’re well.

    I’m going to send you an email if thats ok – it’s in connection with Agriseta fraud & a bogus training facility where 10 students have been exploited since last year & once they started demanding answers they were all soon dismissed for bogus “charges”.

    They haven’t been paid out correctly but say that’s not their biggest issue. They’ve lost 1.5 years of their lives by completing bogus training & are now back to square one. All they want to do is qualify & start working.

    I have copies of all their documents &
    voice recordings, witness accounts etc as evidence. CCMA have ignored them for over 1 month already.

    I’ll send you the info now. Many thanks
    Kind regards
    Lynda Tilley

  6. Karabo

    Where can i get the contacts to report the fraud that my company do

  7. Nombeko Mabaso

    I would like to report talent centric. I signed a learnership contract with them

  8. Aphiwe Getyengana

    Plz give the number plz or call me plz 0781757550 i wanna report my company as well

  9. Audrey

    Have been waiting for my qualification certificates for 2 years now, I’ve tried making contact with SETA and the company , but there has been no help except for using the pandemic as an excuse.

  10. Lebohang

    Dear consultant

    We have been unfairly​ dismissed in our learnership last year in April 30 by our employer and we’re still in unresolved matter with ccma since much 2020 &we are going to the next hearing in 21june2021

    Our concern is that we signed 12months in the learnershp agreement from Foodbev SETA in September 2019 but we only served 8months becouse our employer fooled us

    As Learners of meat training center we’ll appreciate your department to help us by inviting anyone who will be able to say in behalf of Foodbev SETA as much as they always keeps their records

    He called Learners in August 2020 to complete all work that left behind in order to be rewarded a certificate, knowing that he used us to complete his duties to SETA to be seen as we are completing the learnership that he terminated in April without SETA’s decision nd parties in the agreement​

    This is how he makes money from SETA he use the Poor’s to be rich from the government money, this matter is not for the first time with the same employer to show that he used to,mybe he is above the law or he has a strong connection inside Foodbev SETA

  11. MD

    Can I get the contact to report the fraud that my company practices

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