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Keep Climbing receives complaints and copies of unlawful Learnership contracts. In some cases employers force learners to falsify documents and commit fraud. In others, employers illegally claim money from learners and unfairly dismiss learners for minor offences.

Even if you have no complaint about your learnership provider, send a copy of your contract so we can check it’s legal. 

All submissions are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Contract Basics

Learnership contracts must be signed by three parties:

  1.  Learner
  2. SETA accredited training  provider
  3. Employer

If there is no SETA accredited provider you are not on a legal learnership, complete our complaints form immediately.

Learners are not allowed to pay employers ANY money at ANY time.

If employers or providers make financial claims against you saying that if you leave you must pay back the money – stop being made fools of.

It is illegal to place an unemployed individual into a system that could make them poorer than what they were before they signed up. Learners who were recruited as unemployed candidates are protected and cannot be forced to pay a cent.

These companies are operating illegally and use youth for tax cuts and BEE points. Even if learners leave – these corrupt employers still get benefits off the learners.

Compulsory Real Work Experience Must Be Logged

If you are not working for the employer and attending classes then your learnership is illegal.

Learnerships are designed to take place in a work environment and are not class based or part time programmes. Learnerships are FULL TIME programmes.

Learner log books must be signed off by their supervisors and managers. Learners are being tricked into committing fraud for companies and training providers. They must NOT sign each other’s log books and misrepresent the employer and their practical work experience requirement.


Unfair Dismissals

Employers often treat learners with disrespect and scorn. The Constitution says our dignity is protected.

If you believe you were unfairly dismissed then complete the complaints form TODAY! NOW! Keep Climbing is committed to supporting learners and in bringing the magic back into learnerships.

Learnerships are brilliant but the Department of Higher Education and Training, The Department of Labour and the SETAs cannot be trusted to act in the interests of the youth.

Step 1: Complete the Complaints Form

Step 2: Collect relevant documents and be ready to email or whatsapp them within 3 days of submitting your complaint.


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Can I get the contact to report the fraud that my company practices

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