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How To Use The CACH Application To Study Now

Study at a TVET in 2024. Use CACH, the online application system for Grade 12 students and other citizens seeking admission to Post-School education and training for the first time.

The DHET CACH Service for Late Applications

Keep Climbing finds the most meaningful advice from government websites so you don’t have to spend your time looking. Use the CACH service if you were unable to apply early enough.

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The (CACH) service for 2024 closes on 31 March 2023.

The service will resume for 2025 intake in January 2025.

Who is CACH?

The Department of Higher Education and Training assists learners in making informed career and study choices. The DHET Khetha platform is a career development service providing free access to career information, advice and guidance through telephone, SMS, social media, face-to-face and outreaches to schools among others.

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Which universities work with CACH?

A total of 26 public universities are working with CACH.

Posts About TVET Colleges:

Use these contacts and follow the instructions if you’re searching for a chance to study at a TVET College, University or University of Technology.

Call 0860 999 0123 for advice or send an SMS or “Please Call Me” to 072 204 5056

How CACH Helps Applications

The Central Applications Clearing House

The Central Applications Clearing House service is a Government online application system designed for Grade 12 students and other citizens who are seeking admission into post-school education and training for the first time.

The platform shares applicants’ National Senior Certificate results with public and private further and higher education institutions across the country. Information is shared across TVET colleges, universities, Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs), and registered private higher institutions.

Institutions with open study places, technical training opportunities, or apprenticeship slots then make them available to the most suitable applicants on the database.

Students who have been declined a place at universities should approach CACH to find a study space. CACH also provides information for school leavers and other prospective students who may not have completed their schooling, to career information, advice and development services.

How can I track my CACH status?

By sending/texting your full name (first name and surname) and ID number to 31629, or by signing up online at, you can contact the Central Application Clearing House (CACH). 

Do You Want to Study?

The Department advice for young people with the National Senior Certificate qualifications still seeking opportunities:

The Service is Free

The service is FREE and aims to match applicants’ National Senior Certificate exam results (which are received directly from the Department of Basic Education) and study preferences with places that need to be filled. This service guarantees that applicant data will be made available to all possible institutions in the PSET system.
However, CACH cannot guarantee that you will be offered a place.

CACH opens in January each year and closes around February or March of the same year.

What should you study?

Education and Training Funding

Read these posts for information and tools for funded education and training opportunities:

What if My CACH Application is Declined?

If your CACH application to a college is declined, there are several things you can try:

  1. Ask for Feedback: Request feedback from the college to understand why your application was declined. This can help identify areas for improvement.
  2. Explore Other Colleges: Look into applying to other private colleges that offer similar programs. There may be other colleges with open spaces or different application criteria.
  3. Consider Alternative Programs: If you are unable to get into your desired program at the moment, then explore other programs offered by the college that aligns with your interests and skills.
  4. Gain Work Experience: Find relevant work experience or skills through internships, volunteer work, or entry-level jobs while waiting to reapply.
  5. Upgrade Qualifications: If your qualifications are not sufficient for the desired program, then consider upgrading them through additional courses or programs.
  6. Seek Support: Get guidance from career counselors, teachers, or mentors who can provide advice and support in navigating your options.
  7. Reapply in the Future: Continue to monitor opportunities and reapply to the college or program in the future. Try again once you have strengthened your application or met additional requirements.

By staying proactive and exploring alternative options, you can continue to pursue your education and career goals even if your initial University or TVET CACH application is declined.

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