Fri, May 27, 2022

Does income inequality exist because job applicants trust recruiters?

Recruiters and employers require applicants unconditional trust, yet fail to support how they are unconditionally fair:

  1. applicants trust that recruiters know what employers are willing to offer prior to advertising
  2. applicants trust that an advert is a market signal denoting real opportunity and not merely a labour scoping exercise to determine the most vulnerable applicants willing to work for the least
  3. applicants trust that when a pay range is not published, that it is not to hide an unequal pay vacancy
  4. applicants trust that recruiters do not contact them simply to conduct market research regarding pay
  5. applicants trust that recruiters do not use pay information to obstruct an opportunity to discuss the value applicants could bring to an organisation regardless of pay expectations 
  6. applicants trust that employers have priced the job according to validated policies and procedures
  7. applicants trust that current pay has no bearing on what they can justify and negotiate for within or outside of the employers pay range
  8. applicants trust that when an offer is made it is compliant with policy and unconditionally fair

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