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Qualified? How To Find a Job

How To Find a Job. Qualified but unemployed? Think you’ve tried everything already? There are more job-hunting tricks available to you now than there ever were. That should make you feel good – knowing that you haven’t tried everything and that there’s still hope! 🙂

Employment: How To Find a Job

Don’t expect it to happen without making a huge effort.

“I have experience but no one seems to want me.”

You need to increase your circle and have a proper networking strategy. 

You cannot use the same methods of job hunting used 5 or 10 years ago. The world has changed and so have you!

Many people tell me they’re not smart enough to try complicated new approaches and that the only way they know how to find a job is to physically walk along streets and knock on doors.

I find this heartbreaking. It’s true that not everyone can do guest speaking, set up a website or write a blog. But what do you do when the only way you know isn’t working for you anymore?

Don’t you think you have to try something different and improve how you solve your problems?

Ceiling of Limitations

Look up at the ceiling above you – do you want that to be your limit or do you want to be able to go as high as possible?

The moment you say ‘I can’t do that’ you create a ceiling of limitations for yourself.

I have from 40-year-old and 18-year-olds sending me the same ‘I’m looking for a job. Whatsapp me.’ Job seekers need to make an effort to make a good impression.

It’s no use assuming that someone else will solve your problems. No one cares as much as you do.  It’s about your ability to act and not  about what the world could do for you.

I cannot find a job for you. Possibly no one can. But you can!

Here are five actions to help job seekers land an opportunity:

 1. Improve your visibility, find speaking opportunities.

  • We constantly hear about how the youth lack role models. Be one.
  • With the time you have on your hands, identify how you can add value to your community and make yourself visible to opportunities.
  •  Being depressed at home is unproductive and will bring you down. Start small, host a small workshop at your church, community hall or under a tree. You can add these sessions to your CV and explain in an interview how you kept yourself busy by teaching others and bringing people together.
  •  If you’re bolder, LinkedIn has an events application that you can use to find events you could speak at. Edit your LinkedIn profile and select “Add Application.” Choose “Events” from the list and add it to your profile.

 2. Create a website or Blog

  • It’s free and you can use it to demonstrate your accomplishments and show off what you know. This will give you an opportunity to build your own online brand.

3. Create a Facebook page for your skills.

  • If you’re a gardener in Vosloorus (anywhere), start a page on gardening in Vosloorus etc.

4. Join professional and social groups across all media platforms.

  • Get out and meet people, the more connections you have the more possibilities you can create. Networking groups offer opportunities to meet a lot of different types of people.

5. Ask the smartest people you know to take a look at your CV and give you 3 ideas on how to improve it.

  • Always focus on improving. So don’t just ask people if your CV is ok, ask them for improvement ideas. Each time you write a cover letter, do the same thing.

6. Learn New Stuff

  • It’s important to make an effort to learn how to use social media for work purposes.
  • Find articles and learn as much as you can. Then use what you know and what you have to the best of your abilities. Put all your energy into it and keep pushing until you are able to climb higher.

Get up and go do something! 🙂

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