Careers: Scarce Skills in the Local Government Sector

Careers and Scarce Skills in the Local Government Sector. Scarce skills lists tell you where job opportunities are. If you see a job that you like and it’s a scarce skill – find training for it. SETAs usually provide funds to businesses and training organisations to develop these skills.

Local Government Sector Skills and Career Paths: Skill Gaps

If you’re interested in a career in government or want to train government employees or work in and with local government structures, as well as unemployed South Africans – the LG SETA is one which you should check out.

Many new job qualifications have been introduced by the QCTO and these fall under the SETAs:

For the new list of scarce skills that identify current work and training opportunities, click this link.

List of Careers Paths in the Local Government Sector

There are a number of government career options to pursue in the local government sector such as:

1. Providing a democratic and accountable government for local communities

  • Municipal Finance
  • Councillors
  • Ward Committees
  • Traditional Leaders
  • Management

2. Ensuring the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner

3. Government Careers Promoting social and economic development

  • Local Economic Development
  • Integrated Development Planning (IDP)
  • Municipal Planning (including Urban Planning)
  • Co-operatives

4. Ensuring that municipalities are financially viable

  • Municipal Finance
  • Councillors
  • Property Valuation
  • Ward Committees
  • Internal Audit
  • Traditional Leaders
  • Infrastructure
  • Asset Management

5. Creating a safe and healthy environment for all South Africans

6. Promoting good human resources management and career development

  • Local Labour Forums
  • Skills Development Facilitation
  • Training Committees

Skill Gaps: List of Scarce Skills in the Local Government Sector

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Water Quality Technician Project Manager
  • Urban and Regional Planner Construction Project Manager
  • Internal Audit Manager
  • Water Plant Operator
  • Policy and Planning Manager
  • Plumber (General) Civil Engineer
  • Paramedic
  • Compliance Officer (Risk Officer)
  • Finance Clerk/Administrator
  • Internal Auditor
  • Legal Advisor/Officer
  • Town Planning Technician
  • GIS Specialist
  • Building Construction Supervisor
  • Firefighter

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