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Public Services Career Development

The Public Service SETA (PSETA) coordinates skills development for those that are in the business of government, namely government departments like DIRCO, Home Affairs, parliament, provincial legislatures, public entities and  parastatals. Correctional Services is also included here.

The PSETA has a Learning Programmes Department that matches qualification development to industry needs. If you want to work in the Public Sector, you should know which qualifications are required by different stakeholders in different sectors.

A Learning programme is any other prescribed learning programme which includes a  structured work experience component, this includes a Learnership, Apprenticeship, Skills Programme, Internship and any other prescribed set of learning offerings which include a structured work experience as indicated above.

PSETA website

Although you can complete the PSETA’s ‘APPLICATION FOR PLACEMENT ON PSETA DATABASE OF OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS’ – this does not mean that you are on a learnership.

The PSETA will collect names of potential candidates and give them to an organisation rolling out a program, but that organisation will decide if they want to call you or not.

Complete the form, but do not sit back and wait for something to happen. You can go to the application form here.

PSETA Qualifications

To read the full qualification, do a google search using the ID and qualification title. Follow the link to the qualification on SAQA.

NQF Level 3 Qualifications do not require Matric.


Qualification Title / Learning Programme Title

NQF Level


Further Education and Training Certificate:
Democracy, Active Citizenship and Parliamentary Services

Level 4


Further Education and Training Certificate:
Public Administration

Level 4


Further Education and Training Certificate:
Public Administration Management

Level 4


Further Education and Training Certificate:
Social Housing Supervision

Level 4


National Certificate: Conflict Management and

Level 5


National Certificate: Foreign Economic

Level 6


National Certificate: Home Affairs Services

Level 5


National Certificate: Inspection and Enforcement

Level 5


National Certificate: Mission Administration

Level 5


National Certificate: Mission Corporate Services

Level 6


National Certificate: Official Statistics

Level 5


National Certificate: Public Administration

Level 3


National Certificate: Public Administration

Level 5


National Certificate: Public Financial Oversight
and Accountability

Level 6


National Certificate: Public Sector Employment
and Skills Development Practices

Level 5


National Certificate: Public Service

Level 6


National Certificate: Public Service

Level 5


National Certificate: Social Housing Property

Level 6


National Certificate: Social Housing Property

Level 6


National Diploma: Diplomacy

Level 7


National Diploma: Public Administration

Level 7


National Diploma: Public Administration

Level 6

Here’s a list of PSETA training organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions from the PSETA website

What is learnership:

Refers to a learning programme where the learner spends time learning theory and practical skills in a workplace. It leads to a qualification registered on the NQF

What is experiential learning versus internship?

The internship together with experiential learning programme, affords the learners the opportunity to gain work experience and also assist graduates in attaining accreditation upon completion of the programme.

An internship is a workplace or practical component that is required in addition to a general theoretical knowledge based qualification (institutional provider) in order to obtain registration as a professional or as licensed to practice

How do I enter learnerships?

Stakeholders, i. e departments normally put adverts in the newspapers for the learners to enter into the learnerships. The adverts will specify all expected condition that one should consider. (Stakeholder – means PSETA approved organisations that can train people)

When applying for this programme.

How do I qualify for learnerships?

A specific qualification determines and outlines the criterion for which the learner can enter into the learnership.

Does PSETA have funds to pay for the learners in the learnership programme.for the implementation of learnership?

The PSETA guides and supports stakeholders/ departments on how to implement the learnerships. It is the stakeholders that normally pay the stipend for the learners into the learnership programme.

Want to understand NQF Levels better?

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Goodness Kubheka Aug 30, 2016 at 10:48 am

Good day,

I’m looking for learnership for my sister’s children, they are boys and they have finished their matric. please help desperate aunt.

    Leonie Hall Sep 2, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Hi Goodness
    Please read our articles on finding learnerships as I’ve posted much advice and many many contacts!
    Best of luck and warmest regards Leonie

mpho Aug 8, 2017 at 9:53 pm

Hi I’ve got national certificate in public administration need a learnership

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