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Many pursue learnerships to gain access to training and employment opportunities.  Learners are paid low stipends in exchange for their commitment and willingness to work while contracted to study. Sometimes it’s fair, often it isn’t.

Looking for a Learnership?

Excellent! It means you want to work as hard as hell and that you’re willing to make sacrifices. You wont be going out as much ‘co’s you’ll be too tired, you won’t be making loads of money because you’re there to learn and get connected. Oh and hey…you might also run into romantic relationship problems because you will be too busy working on your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE).

Fair Warning 

By the end of the Learnership, you’ll have cried, suffered and been angry at everyone who pushed you each time the assessor said ‘Not Yet Competent.’ You’ll have reason to believe that assessors are bitter, unloved, uptight people. That’s until you meet the moderator. Moderators are actually hired for their ability to be uptight.  These are people who dream about links at night, not links in a gold chain, but links between specific outcomes, exit level outcomes and industry norms and standards. When the moderator says you’re ready to be externally moderated – start organising your party.

When your Learnership is completed, you’ll look back on a year where you had the opportunity to meet people who took an active interest in your development. You would have been exposed to a workplace, been mentored by managers, hopefully been impressed by how business is organised and you would have made valuable contacts, gained references and career advice.

Rock a ‘Can do’ Attitude!Learnership can do

When we select applicants for a learnership, we don’t ONLY shortlist those who have experience. We don’t expect unemployed people to all the experience you often assume we look for. The magic is in your attitude.

If you want to be selected for a learnership, show a positive and committed attitude.

Do This

Now you’re ready to look for a learnership and think that all you need to do is find an advert. Wrong!

Use these 5 pointers as your action and checklist.

  1. A learnership is based on a specific qualification. I can list the qualification title and NQF level for 3 qualifications I’m interested in.
  2. I have read the qualifications on SAQA and meet the entry criteria.
  3. I can list 5 reasons why these qualifications are suitable for me.
  4. I have checked out the company (offering the learnership) online and am impressed by them.
  5. Even if this opportunity did not come with a stipend  – I would still take it. But check what the stipend is and if you can afford the opportunity.

Beware of Fraudsters

Unfortunately the training sector is rife with fraudsters and unethical companies.. Know your rights in terms of the legislation.

What is a Learnership?

TOP GUIDE: Finding Real #Learnerships and #Apprenticeships

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